GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminal Help

What is the warranty on my device?

GoDaddy smart terminals, GoDaddy Poynt Card Readers and accessories all come with a limited one-year warranty when you buy them directly from GoDaddy. If your device is defective in material or workmanship under normal use, we'll replace it at no cost to you.

How long is my warranty and when does it start?

Your warranty starts on the date your device ships and expires after one year.

What voids my warranty?

Your warranty will be voided if there is any sign of tampering or misuse. Tampering includes any altering, disassembly or repairing of the device. Misuse includes, but isn’t limited to, fire damage, liquid damage, being dropped, or anything else that damages the device once it’s in your possession.

Does the warranty cover hardware purchases from a reseller or third party?

No. The warranty only covers hardware purchased directly from GoDaddy. If you bought your device from a third party or reseller, please consult their warranty and return policy, or contact them directly.

How do I get a warranty replacement?

If your device is having a problem, please visit the Help Center for your device to find troubleshooting for your issue:

If the device still isn’t working after troubleshooting, it may need to be replaced. Our GoDaddy Guides are here to help.

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