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WordPress core updates on Managed WooCommerce Stores

Keeping your WordPress installation updated not only adds great new features and bug fixes - it keeps your site safe from potential attacks. To assist with keeping everything up to date, Managed WooCommerce Stores keeps your WordPress site up to date without any manual intervention.

Major WordPress releases

Major WordPress versions (5.x) typically include significant feature enhancements. Due to the nature of these releases, they're more likely to introduce new bugs or plugin/theme compatibility issues.

Because of these potential breaking changes, we do not push out updates to major releases until after the first minor release (5.x.x). This ensures maximum compatibility, while still maintaining security patches.

Minor WordPress releases

Minor WordPress version updates (5.x.x) are deployed the same day they are released.

More info

Your WordPress plugins and themes are also updated automatically whenever new versions become available. See our article on WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates for more information.

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