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WordPress malware scanning on Managed WooCommerce Stores

Even in the best of circumstances, security issues and malware are always a possibility. Rest assured that in addition to the many proactive measures in place to protect your Managed WooCommerce Stores site, your site is regularly scanned and intelligently monitored for malicious scripts.

How Malwatch protects your WordPress site from malware

Our malware scanning and detection engine, Malwatch, runs in the background on all sites to identify and eliminate threats as quickly as possible. In the event that a threat is detected, Malwatch will automatically take the best course of action to protect the integrity of your site.

Malwatch vs WordPress security plugins

WordPress has a multitude of security plugins out there, but due to the nature of how WordPress plugins operate, they require additional server resources to operate. This means that each action, whether checking an individual file or scanning an entire site, requires extra processing power and PHP worker threads. While the impacts of an occasional file scan can be negligible, they can quickly add up.

In contrast, Malwatch runs directly on the server, performing scans without any direct WordPress, PHP, or database interaction. The end result is a much more optimized scanning and detection engine, saving system resources and ultimately reducing your hosting costs.

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