Judith Kallos

Judith writes — a lot. She has three blogs, including Every Day E-mail Etiquette and Business E-mail Etiquette, and was dubbed “Miss Manners for the Digital World” by Earthlink (and now is fondly referred to as "Miss eManners"). She has been interviewed for TV, radio, print and online articles. Judith also has authored three books and a popular eBook on the email etiquette. Her consulting blog at The IStudio® covers every angle of successfully doing business online. She shares her over two decades of real-world know-how and experience from online business best practices to eCommerce to marketing and proper technology use. When not working on her own projects, she helps Netrepreneurs to embrace WordPress and the online arena for all it can be. Judith also lends a helping hand as a Community Founder on the new GoDaddy Community Forums. She is known for her no-hype approach. Judith's motto? "If I'm not having fun; I don't do it." You can find her on Twitter @IStudio.