Aya from Ahimsa’s entrepreneurial journey: from yoga to eclectic wellness space

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Nada ElSharkawy

Meet Aya, a psychology graduate who turned her passion for yoga into a thriving wellness space venture, Ahimsa. In a world where well-being takes center stage, entrepreneurs like Aya are paving the way for holistic experiences that nurture the mind, body, and soul. Discover how she transformed her vision into reality with the help of GoDaddy's tools and guidance.

A passion born from her practice

Aya's journey began in 2015 when she fell in love with yoga during her time in the United States. With almost half a decade of practice under her belt, she became a certified yoga instructor two years ago. Aya's day is at its best when it starts with an invigorating morning workout. It's a routine that sets the tone for her entrepreneurial pursuits.

Yoga Instructor Aya from Ahimsa in warrior pose

A vision of wellness: from Asanas to entrepreneurship

Aya saw a lack of green spaces and holistic wellness hubs in Egypt. This led her to be inspired to start her wellness space. What sets Ahimsa apart is its picturesque location right by the Nile River. The lush greenery and serene waters create a unique and cool atmosphere for her holistic wellness sanctuary.

Aya embarked on her journey, initially envisioning Ahimsa as a yoga wellness space, but it soon evolved into an eclectic wellness sanctuary offering kayaking, archery, dancing workshops, and more.

For Aya, entrepreneurship was an uncharted territory. However, her determination to create a unique wellness space led her to establish Ahimsa. Though it didn't come naturally at first, Aya discovered valuable guidance in her partner, whose business acumen complemented her own expertise in yoga and well-being.

Ahimsa yoga and wellness space by the Nile river

Ahimsa's biggest challenge was its location – while situated in the heart of the city, weekday traffic makes it challenging for potential visitors to enjoy the wellness space. Despite this obstacle, Aya's passion for wellness and her commitment to her vision drove her forward. Her experience with Ahimsa has taught her the important of perseverance and taking action.

“The most valuable lesson I learned since starting our wellness space is to not be a perfectionist, leave room for trial and error and don't stress over anything going wrong, things go wrong and you need to make peace with it, it’s all a learning experience.”

Aya from Ahimsa with her yoga students

Standing out in a crowded space

Despite facing challenges, Aya continues to focus on what sets Ahimsa apart, this includes its holistic approach, offering a variety of activities that foster physical, mental, and emotional well-being. As well as its scenic location along the Nile which adds to the allure, creating a unique experience that resonates with its clientele.

Aya from Ahimsa on GoDaddy

Digital Transformation with GoDaddy

Aya harnessed the power of Instagram to kickstart her wellness space. After being featured in a popular TV series, her growing popularity led her to create her website using GoDaddy's services.

Aya's friend introduced her to GoDaddy as she was embarking on creating her online presence, and the rest is history. GoDaddy's offerings as allowed Aya to build a website to provide essential information to potential clients and streamline her booking process, freeing her to focus on business growth.

With GoDaddy's Studio, website builder, and domain services, Aya found the tools she needed to bring her wellness space vision to life. Building the website was a breeze, reflecting the peaceful and easygoing ambiance of Ahimsa.

“Creating the website was very easy and wasn't costly at all. It really helped make my life so much easier and gave me time to be able to focus on business development and growing Ahimsa”

On top of the website builder, Aya knows how important it is to keep her customers safe. That’s why she has installed an SSL certificate to keep hackers away from her website and its visitors.

Finally, just as a physical business requires a location to operate, a website also necessitates hosting in order to function in the online realm. The GoDaddy website hosting offers 99.9% uptime guaranteed, that’s why it was Aya’s first choice of hosting.

Aya with her students doing yoga at Ahimsa by the Nile river

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Aya's advice echoes her journey: “don't wait for perfection, take the plunge and learn as you go. Let go of over-planning and embrace the growth that comes from facing challenges head-on.”

The ultimate reward for Aya is the positive feedback she receives from Ahimsa's clients. Their enjoyment of the wellness space and the experiences it offers validates her efforts and keeps her motivated. Additionally, the most heartwarming aspect of Aya's journey is the joy she brings to others through Ahimsa.

“Hosting orphanages, elderly groups, and giving back to the community has added a profound dimension to my entrepreneurial experience. It’s really rewarding for me when people come and enjoy our space. It’s also where I met my future husband!”

Aya's transformation from a psychology graduate to a wellness space entrepreneur showcases the power of passion, learning, and perseverance. With GoDaddy's support, Aya's journey with  Ahimsa continues to inspire those seeking to make their dreams a reality. Like Aya, anyone can embark on a path of growth and success, transforming a vision into a thriving reality with GoDaddy. If Aya’s story inspired you, you can explore our dedicated success stories section filled with stories just like this one.

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