Live your potential boldly with a life coach: Following the path of 180UTC

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Ever wondered why life coaching has become a critical aspect for thousands of people in today’s society? Are you interested in life coaching and would like to know more about it? With the help of Senem Anataca, the Founder of 180UTC, we have the answers.
In our interview, Senem gives us an insight about 180UTC, how life coaching can change one’s life, and her journey towards success.

Get to know Senem Anataca: More than a life coach

Senem Anataca, previously a successful lawyer, is currently a writer and the founder of 180UTC Lifestyle Coaching. She is happily married to her best friend and they are blessed with two daughters and a dog — who she considers a son. Senem is originally from a small town called “Çal” in Turkey. Currently, she resides in Dubai, UAE, where she has been living for the past 14 years.

Digging deeper into Anataca’s personal life, she explains how her close circle is very dear to her heart and her freedom, too. She says:

My values of freedom and connection are at balance so that I have my own time regularly, yet I always nurture connection, warmth and care with my close ones who are my “must have” in my life.

As for Senem’s interests, she is an avid reader who is always hungry for books. She enjoys good music, art, dance and nature. Astonishingly, she also plays instruments and paints.
Last but not the least, Senem is an achievement-driven, honest and generous person who contributes to education and children’s health-related social causes.

Educational background

Senem dubai life coach 180utc

Earlier in her life, Senem’s educational career started with a bachelor’s degree in Law, where she acquired her license in Turkey. Perseverant and power-driven, she continued her judicial career by completing a Master’s in International Business Law in the UK and acquired license also in Dubai.
With these degrees, she managed to kickstart her legal career. Though, over time, Senem found another passion which drove her desire and made her zealous for another career path: life coaching.
Senem took the CTI training in Dubai on a co-active model of coaching which she uses today in her life coaching career. Her judicial career is part of the journey which led her to becoming a life coach.
She was able to infuse her legal knowledge into creating the company’s legal formation, confidentiality of sessions, building trust and allowing safe coachee-coach relationships. As for her coaching techniques, she explains how she follows the CTI guidelines:

My background from CTI is at the core of 180UTC, as most of my sessions are equipped with the tools and skills gained at CTI.

As a life-time learner, she also learnt skills about Reiki, breathing techniques, energy balancing, tarot and guidance cards, mindfulness, psychology, mind shift, mind mapping, leadership, and more.
Senem explains:

My interest in multiple areas of life and the experience gained from my certifications have widened my range to connect to oneness.

Senem’s shift from law to life coaching wasn’t a coincidence. After she had an extremely difficult chapter of her life, she decided to take a career break. A thing to learn from Senem was her search for happiness and her authenticity. She elaborates:

After going through a challenging life event, I started to search purpose of my life and who I really am which led to bold decisions, taking risks, letting go and learning about my personal experience more to actualize it. My personal journey is what triggered the desire of change in people

And after 2 years of offering pro-bono life coaching services, the impact she had on others empowered her to start her own life coaching training and profession.
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Life coaching in Dubai:180UTC

quote, coffee, desk and computer

180UTC’s motto is:

It reflects Senem’s true passion in life and life coaching journey. Her belief that every person is born with an authentic potential and humankind may achieve things beyond imagination by actualizing. Her life coaching philosophy revolves around turning anything and everything into wisdom or experience. By doing so, we can create a better place than we found in terms of harmony, connection, peace, love and fulfilment.
180UTC exists as an example of living authentical potential boldly, partnering with coachees to discover and actualize their potential and share the philosophy behind 180UTC with the world so we grow, serve and inspire one another through life coaching.
With this philosophy in mind, 180UTC was founded and formed as a sole establishment under Dubai Economic Department for the activity of lifestyle coaching on 22nd August 2019. It managed to partner with coachees all around the world to transform their lives, create healthy and sustainable habits, achieve specific personal and/or professional goals.
Senem identifies her life coaching journey as a wave which she has been surfing for almost four years. While having the strength to overcome challenges and being intuitive at the same, it is essential to remember the importance of holding a safe and trusted space.
On the other hand, life coaching is not a consultation or a therapy. Life coaching focuses on now and future while therapy focuses more on past emotions and mental healing. In a consultation session, consultant provides information based on client’s topic whereas in a coaching session, coach holds a safe space for coachee to access own wisdom to pull her answers. every coaching session is unique and co-created in that special moment together with the coachee.

180UTC going online

180utc website online life coach dubai

Senem’s career is also adapting to the current pandemic. She explains that all her current sessions are held online. Additionally, she tells us that her website boosted her online reliability by establishing her as a life coach with the capability of coaching from distance. She explains the aim of her website:

My aim was to create a page in harmony with 180UTC philosophy so that I can reach the correct audience who needs me.

The focus of her website is to reflect the testimonials as Senem thinks it is the best way for one to feel the energy. Moreover, life coaching needs to adapt to the current technological drive of this century and having a website is like having an official address.
People no longer come and knock on your office door when they want to get to know your services and offers - now people search first on the internet and based on what they see, they make their choice.
In her case, it was not hard to build a website, yet the challenging part was creating content. As she already had the content in mind, her website building was fairly easy, she explains.
When asked about her choice to work with GoDaddy, Senem had a rather interesting experience from her work as a lawyer. As she used to work with website developers in her previous firm as well as clients’ businesses, she recalled how many of them used GoDaddy while stressing on the fact that they are, according to her exact words, “great professionals”.
Another reason was her cyber security concern which she finds GoDaddy to cover quite extensively. On top of all that, the cost was reasonable compared to functionality.
With all of that in perspective, Senem’s chose her domain name from GoDaddy confidently. 180UTC also uses the website builder, which includes the service listings and online bookings, professional business email and SSL certificate from GoDaddy and many more features.

Seek silver linings

Life coaching in today’s rapid and developing world is an important trade. Life coaching helps people improve their personal and professional lives and achieve their goals and dreams.
Especially during challenging times like the one we’re living these days; many people are being called to change or transformation in their lives. As a life coach, Senem doesn’t give advices, she usually asks people questions and inspire them to come up with the solutions. Yet, she did share one helpful tip with us to weather the new normal. She says:

We are going through a different time, and at times like these we need to observe our emotions without judgement and attachment, and ask ourselves: How do I really feel? What is its impact on my life?

Senem believes that although we’re all coming from the same source, we may experience things different than each other. There are a lot of information out there and we are exposed to them every day. Such exposure is causing us to be stuck in the cycle of our thoughts. So, she suggests sitting and trying to connect with the moment. Creating that awareness will trigger lots of action plans, creativity, innovations. But we need to open a space and calm ourselves from within, so that we can listen to that wisdom.
Senem’s journey was not only life changing for herself, but for many of her coachees. Whether they wanted to discover their potential, live their dreams, strengthen their relationship with others, move their business forward, or simply have more peace in their lives, after looking at Senem’s testimonials, it is pertinent to say that she is a trustworthy partner for coachees to set, understand, and meet their goals.
Like many other life coaches and entrepreneurs, professionals tend to utilize digital tools to enhance their presence and establish their authenticity and digital presence. If there is one thing to learn from Senem, it is to follow your passion and achieve your goals. By establishing your digital presence, it will most certainly help you on your road to success and achieving your goals.
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