Zaid Farouki, a fashion designer who tells stories with his creations. 

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Nada ElSharkawy

Making it as a fashion designer in the region can be challenging not only because of the fierce competition between designers in the region, but also because of the competition from glamorous international brands in Milan, Paris, New York, etc. 

Zaid Farouki knew that and realized that for him to succeed and make a difference he must do something different because he knows that if you copy what everyone does, you will get the same results everyone gets which eventually will mark his brand as an average one – and for an extraordinary character like his, he wanted to do more.  

That is why when creating his brand, The Zaid Farouki brand, Zaid capitalized on a gift that has been running in the family for generations, which is storytelling. Zaid’s father and grandfather were storytellers, and he uses that natural talent in his work. 

He explains: 

My inspiration comes from storytelling that I have inherited from previous generations.

a screenshot of Zaid Farouki’s website

A fashion designer inspired by storytelling.

While fashion designers get their inspiration from shows, subjects, the environment around them, colors of pieces they see on people in a park. Zaid gets his from his family and his family’s history.

A fashion designer & storyteller’s inspiration

Zaid says: 

My family and family’s history are what drive me my influence, I am a creative, someone from the region who lives in this big world.

The process the Zaid Farouki follows to design his creation.

Zaid Farouki is no regular fashion designer; hence, his process is no regular process. 

Zaid elaborates saying that their brand isn’t a seasonal brand. They don’t produce collections, they create themes, and every theme comes with a character and a story behind it. Each piece embodies the story. 


Zaid Farouki, fashion designer at work

When we asked Zaid if he has a favorite piece he said: 

Asking me about choosing my favorite piece, is like asking a father to pick his favorite child.

Every piece Zaid creates is treated as a child of his which makes answering such a question an impossible task. 

A fashion designer’s highest and lowest moments, plus his future goals.

As a fashion designer your highest moments are when you see your pieces celebrated while empowering people when they wear them. It brings joy and a sense of achievement when your work makes a difference in other people’s lives. 

Meanwhile, having to push through as a small business when no one sees the difficulties and challenges we go through to survive and bring value to our customers is the biggest challenge.  

Zaid explains that his future goals is to be able to celebrate our identity with other people, their origins, and what it means to be from this region. 

Zaid Farouki, fashion designer creating a design on a tablet

GoDaddy helps the fashion designer Zaid Farouki tell his story with the world.

Zaid believes it is only natural to share his work online and celebrate it with the world, and it is only logical that working with GoDaddy is going to be the next step. 


Zaid uses GoDaddy Estore and domain name to build his online presence, showcase his creations and sell them everywhere. 

screenshot of the GoDaddy E-store


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