Travel and Drive: A travel blogger with no fixed address

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If you look up the word wanderlust, you’ll find the following definition: a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. Travelling and exploring are both intriguing and alluring. Which makes starting a travel blog and becoming a travel blogger a captivating idea for a lot of people.

Mahmoud Mostafa Kamal, managed to combine his passion for travelling, cars and blogging altogether and started his website Buckle up for a captivating ride to know more about his quest as a travel blogger and his advice for youth and bloggers starting out.

A travel blogger with no fixed address

Mahmoud Mostafa was born in Egypt where he studied mass communication. He was keen on writing long before he started his travel blog. Known on social media as ‘No fixed address’ , he has a huge fan base whom are mainly passionate about globetrotting and cars.

Mahmoud worked as content writer, script writer and editor for different prestigious entities. He was always fond of cars, in 2015 he was a script writer and co-presenter for an automotive radio show.

Mahmoud interviewed some of the top management executives in the automotive industry in the world and participated in many international events/test-drives with brands such as Bentley, BMW, Maserati, MINI, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Pirelli.

Travel blogger Mahmoud Mostafa BMW
BMW 6 Series international test-drive in Lisbon, Portugal

“Through writing, I always try to add value to the audience; by helping them know how to choose their travel destination wisely.” says Mahmoud.

Quality over quantity

Mahmoud started his Facebook page back in 2015, where he posted about his experiences as a travel blogger, the skills that you acquire when you’re exploring new cultures and shared tips and tricks for travelling on a budget. Following his success on social media, he decided to take his digital presence one step further and launch a website.

Mahmoud’s website has an informative blog, where he writes articles about travelling, cars, offers, events and interviews.

travel and drive blog

He also invites other writers and bloggers to be featured as guest authors on his blog; where they could also share their personal experiences.

“My website is more of seasonal, I don’t follow a specific schedule or calendar for posting,” explains the travel blogger. Mahmoud prefers writing high quality content with an added value to the audience rather than large quantities of mediocre content. His website is mainly non-profit, but he sometimes partners with companies or brands to produce content.

"I mainly create content to share my personal experiences and my main purpose is to educate the readers" says Mahmoud.

Travel and drive’s website traffic varies according to the content shared every month. Yet, Mahmoud is extremely content and satisfied with the exposure and feedback he receives. So far, the travel blogger’s goal isn’t to boost traffic and upsurge his popularity. On the other hand, Mahmoud is keen on gaining and retaining traffic from people who are enthusiastic about travelling and automotive.

When it comes to his website’s quality, Mahmoud made sure he launches his website with a high quality service provider. That’s why he chose his domain name and hosting from GoDaddy.

“I chose to work with GoDaddy because it was the best choice in terms of security and customer support.”

He researched several options and made up his mind on GoDaddy. Saying that ever since he started working with GoDaddy in 2017, he hasn’t encountered any technical problems. He added that whenever he had an inquiry, the customer support team was always there and ready to help. “For me, to always have support whenever I need it, is very critical,” explains Mahmoud.

Final advice

travel blogger mahmoud mostafa Dubai

Mahmoud shared some words of wisdom for the bloggers and content creators in the region. He urges people to focus more on consuming and producing Arabic digital content, to get to know more about the world and what goes on around us. He believes that our generation is lucky, as we have access to a tremendous amount of information and data online. His final advice for youths is to learn as much as they can and explore everywhere around them. “I wish that one day we will be using the internet positively for everyone’s benefit, rather than just wasting time scrolling through social media,” he says. offers quality content, tips and tricks that will inspire you to pack your bag, book your ticket and hop on the next flight. If you believe you’re ready and willing to become a travel blogger, read our guide to starting a travel blog and start soaring.

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