How to Create a Successful skincare e-commerce business

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Marwa Soliman

Every year, the beauty sector experiences significant changes. Therefore, shifting from on-ground stores to online platforms, where skincare and make-up products are available 24 hours a day, is also a reasonable move.

Because of the increased popularity of online purchasing, the e-commerce cosmetics market has grown rapidly, with a slew of new e-commerce beauty firms focusing on previously underserved or untapped markets.
You may wonder how fast is the beauty industry growing? Back in 2020, it was estimated at $483B and grew to $511B by 2021, moreover, it’s predicted to exceed $716B by 2025 or even $784.6B by 2027.

Consumers' shopping behaviors were changed as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, resulting in an increase in online beauty product sales.
The Global Data’s 2021 Q1 global consumer survey shows that as over a half (55%) of global consumers admit they purchase beauty and grooming products online

Now here are 4 steps on how to build a successful skincare e-commerce website:

  1.  Find a good product
  2.  Choose a suitable website builder
  3. Don't Forget Branding
  4. Take care of Marketing

Find a good product

Creating a quality product is the first and most critical step in beginning your eCommerce beauty brand. People will not buy your product if it isn't good. Having a great website, fancy branding, and great marketing is not enough if you don’t have a catchy product.
However, if you do not want to start from scratch by creating your own product, you can also consider the collaboration with skincare products companies and start selling their own products on your website. is not just a normal e-commerce platform that sells skincare products online, since they carefully choose their team from experienced health workers in the skincare sector. They have a collaboration with different skincare brands, and they are eligible to sell their products online.

Choose a suitable website builder


If you’re planning to sell your product online, you’ll need an E-store builder or a website builder.
GoDaddy is a popular e-commerce platform that offers GoDaddy Arabic Website Builder and E-store with customizable templates to fit any and all business types and needs.

The most advantage of GoDaddy is that Regardless of your technical experience knowledge, they will be with you through each step and checklist to help you launch your e-store today.

Ready to start? You can check our plans and pricing and start a free trial here.

Don’t forget the Domain name

Before deciding on a domain name, you should familiarize yourself with the many kinds and types of domain names available so that you can make the best option for your needs.

It's a useful marketing and search tool that should help customers find your website.

Check your domain name availability form here

Secure your website

SSL is required if you maintain a website in 2022. Nowadays, having an SSL certificate isn't a luxury; it's a requirement.

An SSL certificate's primary purpose is to protect server-client communication, so every bit of data is encrypted when SSL is installed.
When your website gives a secure sign to the customer, it means your website is trustworthy to buy from it with personal information such as address and credit cards.

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Don't Forget Branding

skincare desk

In today's technology-driven society, a company's website is frequently the initial point of contact for potential clients.
Therefore, branding is critical for increasing your company's recognition especially if it is a skincare e-commerce business.
Your company's image should be conveyed through your brand, make sure to give your website a personality and make it more customer-centric and user-friendly.

Check this beginner’s guide to branding for more tips.

Your logo is your first website impression

Investing in a catchy logo clearly defines your business and makes it memorable.
As for a skincare website, you may have to choose the right colors. In fact, white, green, and blue, these colors combined account for two-thirds (66%) of all colors used by the natural skincare companies

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Take care of Marketing

To increase your online sales in the beauty industry, you must first determine what your audience's blind spots are and then address them through marketing.
And therefore, reach a level to satisfy such customers’ concerns and expectations.

Your skincare website marketing strategy should include an answer to these questions:

  1.  How natural or medical are the products?
  2.  What type of skin does this suit?
  3.  Is it FDA approved?
  4.  What is the edge I am offering to my customers?
  5. What are the most important needs of my customers and what can I offer to satisfy them differently from others?

Answering your customer’s concerns through marketing is a crucial step.
But what kind of marketing techniques are the most effective in 2022?

Start a blog on your website

Attract customers by offering answers to their skin issues!
Skincare brands that educate their clients on their daily skincare routine gain trust faster than brands that overlook content creation.

Remember to use CTA phrases, at the end your blog should bring your readers somewhere!

We understand that blogging may appear intimidating. You don't have to publish a new piece every day, 2 to 3 blogs are enough per month.

Collaboration with influencershand holding phone

Influencers are a must-have for Marketing beauty in e-commerce. Because many people trust their favorite influencers to keep them up to date on the latest beauty trends.
You can encourage new clients to test your products by collaborating with key influencers in your target audience area.
Make use of influencers' collaboration to the maximum by personalizing discount codes for their followers.

(UGC) user-generated content

User-generated content has a strong influence on 79% of people's purchasing decisions. Make use of it in your social media posts!
Encourage your customers to upload photos and reviews on social media platforms about their experiences with your products and purchasing experience.
Remember to make use of public holidays to create giveaways for your customers.


As you can see, creating a successful skin e-commerce website is no easy task. There's a lot that goes into this, from product development to branding and more.
However, skincare and beauty are excellent sectors to consider for the e-commerce business and one that continues to expand.

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