Introducing GoDaddy’s Arabic website

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Selina Bieber

When you’re getting a business online, finding the resources and tools to figure out how best to do this can be challenging. As a part of our mission at GoDaddy to help small businesses and entrepreneurs take their ideas online, we're very excited to announce that we have launched our GoDaddy website in Arabic.

The website serves our customers in the region, offering them some of the tools and help that they need in Arabic.

BETA banner godaddy website
BETA banner in the GoDaddy website.

The BETA* version is the first version of the GoDaddy Arabic website released to the public. While the website is in BETA there’s a chance for our developers to resolve any issues - known as bugs - and collect feedback from customers in order to improve the experience across the website. While we work on our Arabic website, we hope you have a great experience, yet please note that some parts of the site might not be fully working all the time.

Why are we launching an Arabic website?

According to the latest Internet World Stats data, Arabic is ranked fourth among the ten most used languages ​​on the internet, and speaking the language of our customers is an important step in engaging and understanding their needs. Our aim is to make GoDaddy tools, solutions and content more accessible to customers around the world, to meet their specific needs and guide them on their journey online.

Currently, more than 237 million internet users are Arabic speakers. In order to make sure they receive the best local language user experience, we made it a priority to localize the GoDaddy website to launch an Arabic BETA version.

Continuous improvement

As a digital-first company, continuous improvement and innovation are core parts of GoDaddy’s business strategy. Across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), we’ve localized our marketing communications, and as we turn to website and products, our next focus area is improving our user experience for our Arabic speaking customers. We are eager to engage with them to get their feedback in order to continuously improve the local customer journey.

With the rise of digitalization in the Middle East, more small business owners and entrepreneurs are looking for useful tools, and our role at GoDaddy is to provide them with these tools to help get their ideas online. Coupled with Arabic speaking Guides, the BETA localization of our website now available in Arabic constitutes a meaningful expansion of our assistance and guidance to GoDaddy customers in the Middle East.

We know that small business owners and entrepreneurs are passionate about their idea, and they want to move quickly and effectively without losing time on trying to figure out how to navigate the tools at hand. Our BETA Arabic website offers a set of localized pages to help customers navigate through products, plans and features in their own language as much as possible.

You can navigate through the Arabic GoDaddy website easily to review the different products we offer, their features and details.

If you’d like to change your language preferences, here’s how:

In order to change the GoDaddy website’s language to Arabic you can click on the language/ region picker in the footer of the website as shown in the image below:

Godaddy website Arabic language

You can also go to, to access the Arabic website right away!

You can switch the languages between Arabic and English to your preference.

Take a look at what’s available in Arabic and English:  

What is available in Arabic?

Before completing a purchase or to check your products, you need to create a GoDaddy account – You can do that in Arabic now. You can also login to your account through the Arabic interface and navigate through your products. If you are starting out, the good news is that you can now search for the domain name that you love in Arabic.

You can check GoDaddy product plans and complete your purchase in Arabic.

What is available in English?

As our Arabic website is a BETA version, there are still some site areas that we are working on. In the interim, we have created Arabic Help and How To’s to help you navigate these sections:

  • Domain name management.
  • Hosting Products: Most hosting products allow you to change the language to Arabic after setup, the exception is Windows Web Hosting/Shared Web Hosting.
    • Managed WordPress on boarding: You can watch the below video that explains how to install WordPress with the GoDaddy Wizard.

GoDaddy Guides are here to help

Our award-winning customer support representatives are always ready to help you bring your idea online. If inspiration strikes, call us at +9714586 8748 or connect with us online - we’re here to help you in English and Arabic.

* The term 'BETA'' refers to a stage in the software development process.