How QuikMov Realty built credibility online with GoDaddy

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Ler Ka Leng

In the midst of a global pandemic, this dynamic Philippines-based couple from QuikMov Realty pivoted their business online with a real estate website built with GoDaddy. Working with our experts via the Web Design Services, they conveyed their desired design to our team and got a beautiful real estate website, setting their online presence to a strong start!

For Cebu-based QuikMov Realty, business was brisk. Founders Reynolds and Mines Dorado were closing property deals regularly. However, when the pandemic hit, it presented severe challenges to their operations. Reynolds and Mines needed to find innovative ways to continue their business when nationwide lockdowns were implemented in Cebu. Before we learn how the innovative founders of QuikMov Realty turned their business around, let's dive into their entrepreneurship journey!

The origin story of QuikMov Realty

For Reynolds and Mines Dorado, starting their own business was always on the back of their minds. Both of them have worked in FMCG conglomerates for a long time, doing sales and marketing. As an employee, time doesn't always belong to them. Working long hours was a norm, and their jobs took precious time away from their young children. The hours grew longer and time at home dwindled to a low. It was then Reynolds and Mines started of how they could spend more time with their children.   Armed with a motivation to take control of their time, and to provide jobs for others, Reynolds and Mines embarked on their entrepreneurship journey.

From side hustle to building a business

Given their background in sales and marketing, starting a real estate sales business was a big departure from their experiences. Talking about their pivot into the property business, both of them cited it as a gradual process as they explored different businesses options. In the midst of their planning, they started investing in properties. It started as a side hustle that they worked on one step at a time. From purchasing their first property to eventually becoming licensed real estate brokers, they realized they could turn this passion into their livelihood.

"We realized then, why not go into the real estate industry, now that we are starting to earn from our investment? So that was the turning point. Our first customers will be our workmates and ourselves. We wanted to help everyone purchase their dream property."

After gaining experience from other real estate agencies, Reynolds and Mines decided to strike it out on their own after they got their licenses. While Reynolds sees his fellow practitioners as alliances and partners in the business, Mines saw the need to differentiate their offerings. In their experience, they saw less savoury practices within the business that they hope to eliminate.

Building a customer-centric business

QuikMov Realty banner With QuikMov Realty, Reynolds and Mines aim to build trust and meet the needs of their customers. Their corporate background came in handy here, where they were able to establish proper guidelines for needs-based selling. Through understanding their client's budget, needs and preferences, they took on a collaborative approach to offer suitable options. For them, it was crucial that they provided top notch service and ensure that clients are able to save and receive incentives.   It is gratifying for Mines and Reynolds to be able to take control of their time while being customer centric. Looking back at their journey and how far they've come, they have achieved their goal with QuikMov Realty.

Future vision for QuikMov Realty

At this juncture, Reynolds and Mines are planning ahead, envisioning future plans for QuikMov Realty. Reynolds hopes for the company to be a credible one with well-trained brokers and strong social media presence. He hopes that with a website, more people are able to find QuikMov Realty and view properties available for sale. A website also makes communication easier for customers, providing a platform for them to reach out at any time of the day. As for Mines, she hopes for QuikMov Reality to be a company where buyers will be the ones searching for them. It's a vision that they are realizing , as they have seen many referrals from their clients over the years. "We have a lot of referrals from our clients so that's actually a good start. They saw how we serve and guided them. We don't want them to just buy our products. We want them to enjoy and appreciate their investment and make sure that it is the right investment for them. That is how we go the extra mile," said Mines about her vision for QuikMov Realty.

From offline to online: how COVID19 accelerated QuikMov Realty's transition online

An early investment in securing their domain name and journey on setting up a real estate website

Early in their business, Reynolds saw the need to secure their brand in the digital space. He purchased from GoDaddy. However, between juggling client engagements and trying to establish their online presence, Reynolds and Mines made a choice early on to focus on their business first. Website design was also very new to them. They saw it as a skill that would require time and effort to learn.   However, at the back of their mind, building a real estate website for their business was definitely an eventual need. Many of their clients, especially the ones based overseas, asked to see QuikMov Realty's website before engaging further.

Pivoting their business in the pandemic by establishing an online presence

When the pandemic hit, Reynolds and Mines had to cope with the rapid disruptions to their business. Government mandated lockdowns meant that they were not allowed to interact with their clients face to face. Property showrooms were also closed and many home sellers did not want to receive potential buyers into their houses. It was a period where they had to continue running their business creatively. Back then, the only way to go, was to extend their presence online. The dynamic duo first started with vlogging (video blogging), showcasing property for sale through self-made videos. They shared this on their social media platforms and used these in their online advertising. For Reynolds, it has helped them in terms of visibility and gaining attention from both potential buyers and fellow brokers.

Establishing their first real estate website with GoDaddy's Website Design Services

It was during the same period that potential buyers were increasingly asking Reynolds and Mines for their company website. Prior to the pandemic, they left their domain parked with GoDaddy because their offline business was working very well. They mainly facilitate sales through face-to-face interactions. The same cannot be said when digital channels remain the only source for client interactions. Without a website to showcase their property in a coherent manner, it is challenging to convert new potential customers. In their opinion, customers outside of the Philippines prefer to interact with a company which has a website. It was an indicator of trust and credibility.

"This pandemic brought us to the realization that we really need a website because it's about credibility. Many others have a website and we don't, so we're losing some clients.

However, Reynolds saw the good side of things too. For them, they had the opportunity to upgrade themselves along the way. "Learning new skills to service our clients, we were pushed to do more. It meant that we get to spark the competitive side of ourselves. If we see others who can do it (have a website/vlogging), then we can do that too," said Reynolds. After parking aside their domain for years, Reynolds decided to get started on building QuikMov Realty's real estate website. With GoDaddy's Website Design Services, they were able to get their website up quickly with the help of our experts.

Most importantly, with their website being built on our Website Builder, it means that Reynolds and Mines can easily make edits to their website without having to rely on 3rd party help.

Looking ahead: expanding QuikMov Realty's business and reach online

Thinking back, Reynolds wished he embarked on the journey of building a website at an earlier stage.

"I wish that I knew it was easier to put up a website," said Reynolds when asked about what he wish he knew before starting a business.

By establishing their online presence, Reynolds and Mines are now able to showcase their properties more easily. On top of that, the website would allow their business to be discoverable by people outside of the Philippines. Given their aspiration to attract more overseas buyers, this is an important step and milestone for QuikMov Realty. For Mines, she is looking forward to putting photo editing skills to use in editing their real estate website. Now that they have gone through the journey of setting up their own business, Reynolds and Mines encourages all aspiring entrepreneurs to plan ahead, have patience and just go for it!

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