4 ideas to explore for online business in the Philippines

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Alex Neri

Looking to explore options in running an online business in the Philippines? The pandemic has changed the way people live and earn a living in recent times. With enhanced community quarantine becoming a frequent occurrence in the Philippines, it is an opportunity to start your own business. If starting an online business is on your mind, you might have many questions in your head. How can I start an online business in the Philippines? What is the best online business in the Philippines? Will you be an online seller? Or perhaps you want to become a writer and start blogging? Maybe being a consultant is the way to build your online business?

Having an online business will help you secure your finances.

Never fear! As always, we’ve scoured the internet for online business ideas to help you get started. In this article, you will find information on available options and how you might want to get that business idea going. If you are ready to get started? you should read on to learn about the top four most notable online businesses ideas that you can start working and build your own online businesses!

Idea 1: Start an e-commerce store

Small Shopping Cart on Laptop

One of the online businesses that have thrived throughout the pandemic is an e-commerce store. An e-commerce store is a viable online business in the Philippines where you can stock up on the myriad of items that customers would like to buy, pack, and then ship. The profit is the difference between your selling price and your supplier’s price. Given the pandemic, many enterprising entrepreneurs have taken to build an online store to sell essential items. Given that online shopping activity has seen a boom since the pandemic, this is definitely a good opportunity that you can leverage on to kickstart your own business.

You can stock up on the following kinds of products that customers usually want:

  • An online medical store
  • Loungewear
  • Home Cooked Meals
  • Essential Items
  • Skincare Products

There are a lot of platforms that would allow you to set up your e-commerce stall easily. While many entrepreneurs start their online business by setting up a store in marketplaces like Shopee or Lazada, nothing beats building your own! By building and hosting your own e-commerce store, you have greater control over your brand and products, and be more discoverable. If you are strapped for time, GoDaddy’s e-Store is one of the easiest solutions to help you get started! You can easily set up your e-commerce stall without any technical knowledge and have it up and running quickly!

Editor's Note: Already set up? Check out this guide on how to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

Idea 2: Launch your own business consultancy

Three People Looking at Charts

A consulting business is one viable online business in the Philippines, and is one of the most lucrative (though risky) businesses out there. Opening a consulting business is where firms, companies, and entities hire you and your services to analyze and improve their business for growth. In a way, your business forms an important support team to your clients in helping the address their needs with your knowledge and expertise.

You use your industry knowledge, experience, and wit to ensure your clients succeed in their goals. Making your clients rake in the profits will, in turn, benefit you and almost guarantee a repeat business.

Almost any medium to large companies hire consultants, with reasons ranging from requiring specialized expertise to being cost effective. It won’t break the bank, too, since they can easily onboard and off-board consultants depending on their financial outlook.

You can most certainly open up one consulting business without much paperwork if you opt for a Sole Proprietorship style of business structure. However, there are more ways to skin that proverbial cat, and this nifty little guide will help you navigate the complexities, intricacies, and requirements for you to create and start your own online consulting business. Already have a consulting business up in the works? Check out our guide in making a digital portfolio to showcase your expertise and great work, and use it to woo future clients. As a consultancy, having an online presence is crucial in helping you get discovered and secure inquiries from potential clients.

Idea 3: Turn your expertise into a freelancing business in the Philippines

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Freelancing has always been an age-old business venture, where you get paid for work, regardless of who your employer or client is. Freelancing is a popular online business in the Philippines. This is probably one of the easiest online business ideas you can get started with, You use your skills and expertise as a service to one and up to several clients at once. While during the pandemic, this is almost a perfect setup for working at home. Some freelancers may or may not have to report to work in their clients offices, especially on projects that may require you to sign an NDA or if you are working on a highly-secretive project or job.

Freelancing has always been a tempting thing to think about, especially when you’ve been working a 9-to-5 job for most of the time. Many businesses are starting to see the benefits of working with freelancers to meet crucial business needs. Some are already making a move to engage freelancers more regularly, so if you have a skill that allows you to freelance, this is one of the best move you can take to turn your skills into an online business!

Freelancing gives the promise of freedom, the chance at being your own boss, and being flexible with your time as you might have to juggle both work and household chores (especially during this time-- the dishes aren’t going to wash themselves!).

Moreover, freelancers can almost certainly determine their own income, either by taking on more jobs and contracts for the month or decreasing their availability if they wanted to. For some seasoned freelancers, they get the opportunity to pick whichever job they think suits best for their skills and pay.

Types of freelancer roles in the Philippines

According to the Global Freelancer Income report from Payoneer, here are the top freelancer jobs you can do (here’s a summarized version from the Business Mirror)

  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Programmer
  • IT Services
  • Multimedia Production
  • Content Writing
  • Translation
  • Marketing
  • Administrative Services
  • Customer Support
  • Project Management

In fact, do you have knowledge of skills that are in high demand right now? Besides offering your skills as a freelancer, you can also offer online tutorials to teach others. You'll be surprised to know how many people are willing to pay and pick up new skills online! Out of all the online business ideas we have shared thus far, this is definitely one you can consider if you possess specialized skills.

Sold on the idea? Take your first steps by making your own digital portfolio, and then set up a profile in Freelancer or UpWork. Afterwards, check out our website builder service so you can get started on your portfolio website quickly!

Idea 4: sell your artwork

Illustration Next to Laptop

This one’s for the artists!

If you’ve got the drawing, illustration, or the art chops then you’ll definitely benefit from selling your artwork!

According to Indeed, artists on average earn from ₱20,152 up to ₱31,404 per month in the Philippines. And for some very successful ones, they can go beyond that when you begin to factor in selling merchandise (cups, mugs, shirts, etc) featuring your artwork!

Ready to start selling your artwork? Head up to both DeviantArt or Pixiv and start uploading your work. You can never know, maybe you can start working for a major game developer!

Better yet, build up your very own portfolio!

Bring your business online today!

There are various ways to start your very own online business in the Philippines. These four ones are just the beginning! Being your own boss in your own online business will give you the freedom to manage your own time, and also help you balance work and personal life at home.

To recap, the top four ideas for your online business are:

  • Starting an E-Commerce store
  • Launch your own business consultancy
  • Turn your expertise into a freelancing business
  • Sell your artwork

These things and more should be able to help you kick start your digital business. Get your gears moving and let those creative and enterprising juices flow and start an online business!