WordPress themes for medical and healthcare practices

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Cathy Ngo

Are you looking for medical or healthcare WordPress themes for your website? Choosing a WordPress theme tailored to your industry means you can quickly start work on a great-looking website that patients and suppliers will find easy to use.

We’ve hand-picked five of our favourite medical and healthcare WordPress themes for you to try.

What is a WordPress theme?

WordPress Themes WordPress Logo
Why is WordPress so popular? Because it’s so customizable.

It’s helpful to know first what a WordPress theme is.

A WordPress theme determines the overall look and feel of your website. Themes are made up of a group of files on the back end. These include all the images and code as well as the style sheet that determines the overall appearance and capabilities of your website.

A theme can control something as big as your site’s layout or something as small as your hyperlink colours.

Free vs. paid WordPress themes

But before we talk spending money, it’s important to know that there are plenty of high-quality WordPress themes that are completely free. In fact, there are There are thousands of them on WordPress.Org.

However, there are drawbacks to free themes. For instance, the customer support is usually minimal or nonexistent and the updates can be ‘ad-hoc.’ Using a theme that’s not regularly updated opens you to potential cyber attack, a threat that’s all-to-real for health and medical sites already.

On the other hand, paid (premium) themes offer better customer support and updates, along with increased features and functionality. This is important if you’re new to WordPress and have limited experience in building websites.

WordPress Themes Health Medical Category

Or you could just skip the free vs. paid question altogether

There is another option. GoDaddy’s WordPress Website service offers a selection of ready-built WordPress themes designed for the medical and health industry. The theme gallery includes themes for dozens of health-related segments — from private practice to occupational therapy, urgent care and home health care.

The WordPress Website service includes:

  • A domain name. This will serve as your web address.
  • Reliable hosting, with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.
  • Award-winning support 24/7 — you’ll never be left on your own.

GoDaddy has already taken care of the complex and confusing techie-programming. Plus they automatically handle routine WordPress updates and security patches as they are released.

Here's a list of a few GoDaddy WordPress themes that offer good functionality and features.

1. Lyrical Urgent Care WordPress theme

WordPress Themes Lyrical Urgent Care
Change photos and text and add contact details using point-and-click tools.

Generate a brilliant, intuitive health and medical website with the Lyrical Urgent Care theme.

The simple drag-and-drop site design and editing tools make it easy to change website details whenever needed. You can quickly personalise the colours, fonts and add your logo to match your practice’s branding.

Like this layout? Customize it to suit your specialty — even if it’s not urgent care. Changing the text and photos takes just a few clicks. The service includes a large library of unique, royalty-free photos you can use to customise the look of your new site.

2. Activation Health and Medical WordPress theme

WordPress Themes Activation Health & Medical

Like all GoDaddy WordPress themes, the Activation Health and Medical theme is responsive. This means it will look and work great no matter what device the patient is using to view it.

An online appointment scheduling feature can be added to any GoDaddy theme via a small piece of software called a plug-in.

3. Primer Home Health Care WordPress theme

WordPress Themes Primer Home Health Care

The Primer Home Health Care theme comes with all you need to launch a WordPress website for your home health care business.

The site navigation is prominently featured in a horizontal bar to make it easy for patients to find what they need. Customize the three blocks below the main photo to highlight your most popular services. You can choose from the professional photos in the large WordPress Website library or use your own.

4. Ascension Nutritionist WordPress theme

WordPress Themes Ascension Nutritionist

The Ascension Nutritionist theme features plenty of white space for a clean and simple feel. Keep the large main photo that comes with this theme or swap it out for one of hundreds included in the WordPress Website photo gallery.

5. Uptown Style Surgical Center WordPress theme

WordPress Themes Uptown Style Surgical Center

The Uptown Style Surgical Center theme makes use of a centered layout to reassure patients and family members facing the unknowns of surgery.

Like every other GoDaddy WordPress Website theme, this one can be customised for any specialty.

Tips on choosing a WordPress theme

Picking a good WordPress theme depends on your website goals. Overall, when deciding on a theme, the things to look out for are:

  • Clean, simple-to-navigate design.
  • A look that fits your practice’s personality.
  • Great functionality. Although not required for every practice, it’s a positive experience if customers can make appointments on your website.

WordPress themes are highly customisable, so it’s less important to look for a theme with the exact photos and colours you like. Find one with a layout that makes sense for your business, then customise it.

Over to you

Browsing themes might seem overwhelming as there are so many to choose from. But picking the right one really determines how your website looks and functions. So make sure to choose a layout that works best for your practice, then add the functionality you need with plug-ins.