Office 365 helps Prop Shikaar stay connected and productive

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Stephanie Conner

The property market in Bangalore — India’s third most populous city — is booming. With its reputation as India’s Silicon Valley, the city holds the promise of opportunity for those who choose to call it home and pursue their dreams there. The city’s growth has also presented real estate companies with a significant business opportunity.

Logo of Prop Shikaar to representing house hunting and his successful business.

In 2014, Prateek Kadam founded Prop Shikaar, which translates to “property hunting.” He’s up against plenty of competition, so he set out to differentiate himself in the market.

According to the information on the company’s website:

“What makes Prop Shikaar different from the other property consultants is the fact that, every deal which we make is the result of teamwork and innovation. Being passionate about property and real estate, we aim not just to meet, but rather to exceed client expectations. We understand that each property bought by you is a lifetime investment and that each property sold by you helps you in wealth creation; and therefore we take all the necessary steps to help you take the right decision."

To exceed client expectations, Prateek turned to help from GoDaddy’s products and services.

Office 365 improves collaboration

Prop Shikaar relies on technology and a consulting approach to appeal to its target market: young professionals. “Our clients are looking for cost-effective services,” Prateek says. “They expect our communication with them to be timely and responsive. Everything begins and ends with our clients.”

First, the company sought to streamline its internal and external communication by signing up for Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy. The business-class email gives users the rich, familiar experience of Outlook. Plus, employees can access it from both the desktop and Outlook web app. Even better, the product’s appealing price makes enterprise-class email affordable for businesses of any size.

Prateek says Office 365 has helped the team at Prop Shikaar stay organized:

“It helps me track email exchanges with my customers and segregate them into folders for easy access.”

Prop Shikaar team members can now access their data anytime from any device — a feature that allows them to be on the move and connected to the office at the same time.

Office 365 has also helped the Prop Shikaar team stay in sync and on schedule. The document-sharing feature keeps the team up to date on client interactions, helping the business run more smoothly, improving teamwork and increasing productivity.

“Office 365 from GoDaddy has given working together a whole new meaning,” Prateek says.


Customer support that delivers

He also found that setting up Office 365 was simple and required no IT expertise. During the process, he called GoDaddy customer support several times for help using the features and found enthusiastic and proactive reps.

“I have interacted with the customer service executives several times, and every single time, my query was resolved instantly with the simplest explanation possible,” Prateek explains. “Every business needs this to succeed in the marketplace.”

Prateek originally chose GoDaddy based on a recommendation from a friend and his own perceptions of the company. After his positive experiences, he expanded his relationship with the company — purchasing a domain, professional email and hosting.

These collective experiences have inspired him to refer other businesses. “GoDaddy has helped fuel my realty business,” Prateek says, “and I will surely recommend them to others.”