10 best resources for side hustlers

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Matthew Pattinson

Are you a side hustler? Perhaps you know one? The side hustler is a unique individual. One who renounces the 9-5. Alongside their day job, they pursue their dreams. From working full-time as a dentist to making violins after you’ve done with the extractions, to owning a pub and being a champion knitter once you’ve called time, the possibilities are endless.

This takes grit and determination. This takes experience. After all, balancing full-time employment with a side hustle is an art which takes time to master.

The rewards are worth it, though. Turning passion to profit is always boss. And once you cash in, it’s hard to cash out. So, to help you make your own way, we’ve brought together some of the best resources out there.

From important information you need to know to keep the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed, to inspiration from those before you who have succeeded and can offer up their wisdom, it’s all worth listening to.

In no particular order, here are 10 of the best side hustler resources…

Chris Guillebeau

The beauty of the side hustle is that you can create practically any career. The challenge with this is that sometimes it can be tough to find advice for your specific industry, which might well be niche.

Chris Guillebeau’s website features a wonderfully insightful blog post entitled 101 stories of people with day jobs creating side hustles. If you are in need of inspiration from people who’ve been there and done that, whatever ‘that’ might entail, you will likely find it here.

And, in his awesome book, Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days, Chris reveals how to generate additional income without giving up your full-time job. A must-read for all those looking to learn the way of the side hustle.

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Emma Jones

An enterprising person sees opportunity in all areas of life. Just ask Emma Jones, the founder of small business network Enterprise Nation.

Emma’s awesome book, ‘Working 5 to 9: How to Start a Successful Business in Your Spare Time’, is essential for all those looking to balance a side hustle with a full-time job?

Jack Parsons

There’s no (age) limit to personal success. Jack Parsons’ The Big Youth Group provides a veritable online resource to empower young side hustlers across the world. It doesn’t matter where you are on your personal journey, BYG is there to help you increase your odds of success.

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The Balance Careers

Packed full to bursting with helpful advice relating to working for your employer as well as yourself, The Balance Careers turn reading about your career into a fun experience.

Do you have that little voice? The one that says do what you love? But unsure what type of side hustle to start? The check out their recent article, 10 Good Ideas for a Side Hustle, for some much needed inspiration.

Secrets Of A Side Hustler

Shhh… Secrets of a Side Hustler is a website which will help you stay on top of the practical elements of running your own side hustle, as well as your own health and wellbeing too.

Created by wellness advocate, Chivon John, the site has a helpful and upbeat approach to keep you literally hustling through your side hustle.

Emma Gannon

Want to learn how to embrace your inner side-hustler? Then check out the “Sunday Times business bestseller”, The Multi-Hyphen Method. This book is aimed at all those who want to learn how to harness their inner entrepreneurial spirit and develop a new way of working.

Written by Sunday Times Bestselling business author, podcaster and broadcaster, Emma Gannon, this is a must-read for anyone looking to define your own vision for personal success.

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Addicted 2 Success

Every side hustler needs a pep talk now and then. Just ask Addicted 2 Success. With every article honing in on the keyword ‘success’, the website is infectious. If you are just starting out with your side hustle and need a little encouragement, this one’s for you.

Get intoxicated here


One of the differences between being employed vs self employed, is you are now solely responsible for calculating and paying any additional tax and contributions.

If you want to keep tabs as you go and manage everything in one place, even via an app on your phone, then QuickBooks is an excellent financial resource.

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Ryan Robinson

Are you a workaholic? It takes one to know one. Meet Ryan Robinson. His website, ‘How to grow a side business whilst working full time’, is dedicated to helping all the movers, shakers, dreamers and makers achieve their full potential.


Working for yourself can be extremely rewarding but it can also be quite challenging. This is where Crunch Chorus comes it. It’s a free community brimming with resources designed to help freelancers, contractors and small business owners.

Walking the (know)ledge

The great thing about side hustling whilst in a full-time job is that it gives you time to build knowledge. In business, knowledge is always power. Embrace your strengths. You love your business. Know what you’re great at, good at and where you have gaps. And understand your weaknesses. It makes you a powerful manager and delegator of tasks.

These resources should help top up your knowledge bank. At GoDaddy, it’s also our mission to help you kick ass by giving you the tools such as our Website Builder to help transform your personal initiative into success.

Do you have any go-to resources you can share with the ever-growing side hustle community?