Emoji domain names: the first universal language

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Victoria Hoyle

Like a carousel, language seems to be going full circle. Hieroglyphs etched into the walls of pyramids were the formal writing system used in Ancient Egypt. Language continued to evolve. To quote The Bee Gees: there was a time when words were all we had. But times change.

The emoji is here, and it’s here to stay. The advent of Beaming Face Smileys heralded a brave new world of communication. One which harkens back to the visuality of hieroglyphs many years earlier. From cute footnotes, to text messages, animojis, to Google search, a new alphabet is here - one which transcends existing language.

If Shakespeare was alive today, would he have parachuted the pixelated pioneers into his texts or work? It’s impossible to say. One thing’s for sure though, emojis are more than a trend. And the technological mediums through which they are delivered continue to evolve.

GoDaddy should know. After all, back in 2016 we introduced i❤.ws -- the world’s first Emoji Domain Registration search engine, so people could easily search for, and purchase, emoji-based domain names.

With two years of insights in the back pocket, a number of interesting trends have bubbled to the surface. These include an increase in the number of emoji/ascii mixed domains, visual pun emoji domains, and major brands such as Budweiser using emoji domains to forward to their main webpages.

With World Emoji Day upon us, we’ve gone all Sherlock Holmes and conducted some investigative research into emoji domains. From the top ten most popular emojis used in domains, to the highest selling emoji domain, let’s check out the findings.

According to Apple, the Face with Tears of Joy emoji is the most popular. That’s in everyday usage, though. What about the most popular emojis used in domains?

Check out our findings:

GoDaddy’s Emoji Domain findings and facts

Did you know? The highest known sale price for an emoji domain was for http://xn--l3h.com/, aka ☁.com, and it sold for $13,600! That’s a nice price, you can also invest in emoji domains and list the domain names for sale on GoDaddy Auctions to profit from them on the long run.

Here’s a few other eye-opening tidbits from our fact finding mission.

Mastering the emoji domain

Would your business benefit from an emoji domain? If so, what emoji would you choose as an extension of your brand? Emojis are familiar to buyers, they are a part of their everyday visual lexicon. So it makes sense for brands to jump into that cosey space.

Search for your perfect emoji domain here. And, whilst your at it, find answers to all your emoji domain questions such as:

Laughing out loud’ became ‘lol’, ‘lol’ became the Face with Tears of Joy. The language contraction continues and emojis are the forefront of this. In fact, emojis are so embedded in the culture of our social fabric, we’ve even had to grin and bear through The Emoji Movie.

Like a knife and fork, emojis and communication go hand in hand. Enjoyed this post? Then give it a share on social with a Big Thumbs Up - go on, you know you want to.

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