.Wales: Dragons, daffodils & domains

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Nadya Frost

On the first of March every year the UK’s Wales celebrates its national day, St. David’s. Streets and homes are decorated with red dragons on the national flag, and daffodils — the country’s flower. This year, another symbol of Welsh culture was born – the .Wales domain name.

Anyone passionate about this country, its language and people can now share their pride by registering a .Wales or a .Cymru (Welsh for “Wales”) web address. By combining geographical and community aspects, these new domains are poised for success, having secured support from the Welsh government and a number of high-profile organizations — including S4C, Federation of Small Businesses Wales, the Scarlets rugby team, the Welsh Rugby Union, the Millennium Stadium, the Arts Council for Wales and many more.

Home-grown, locally relevant

What better way for a local business to put themselves on the map and attract more customers than a .Wales domain?


You can also get a much shorter and more attractive domain with .Wales than in traditional namespaces. Follow the example of http://Sport.Wales, a national organization promoting physical activity in the country, which recently switched from www.sportwales.org.uk. Clearly shorter is sweeter!

Am I Welsh enough?

Are you of Welsh heritage? Do you live in Wales? Do you like Wales? If the answer is “yes!” to any or all of these questions, you can get your choice of web address ending in .Wales and .Cymru. Whether you’re a professional blogger or a patriotic citizen, you can show your local relevance and pride by registering a one-of-a-kind domain name. Registration is open, so you don’t have to meet any formal requirements to get the web address you prefer.

By registering a domain in .Wales or .Cymru, you’re also being a good citizen. All profits from the registration of these domain names are re-invested directly into Internet-related projects in Wales.

One domain or two?

The Welsh heritage and language are intrinsically linked with the country’s landmarks and natural beauty. It’s impossible to imagine one without the other; even the road signs are bilingual! So go with the flow, and register both .Cymru and .Wales to capture your town or trade name in Welsh and in English. This way, you’ll target both the local language audience, and remain accessible to the rest of the world!

Go here for your .Wales or .Cymru domain name.

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