Q&A with Abi Laditan this Black History Month

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Matthew Pattinson

Meet Abi, our new Head of Marketing. A business owner and mum of two, Abi celebrates black history all year round, but sees Black History Month as both an opportunity to reimagine what possibilities lie ahead, and a learning opportunity for those outside of the black community.

We chatted to Abi about what black history means to her, who she admires and her new role at GoDaddy. This is what she had to say.

Q&A-with -GoDaddy-Head-of-Marketing-Abi-Laditan-this-Black-History-Month

What is Black History Month and why is it important?

BHM is the celebration of the contributions and achievements of black people in the UK. The real importance in this celebration is having the opportunity to showcase the impact black people, black heritage and black culture has had on British history - this is largely due to the omission of our achievements in the teaching of traditional education, specifically the history curriculum in schools.

It is about going beyond black trauma in stories of racism and slavery, to spotlighting black achievement. For many modern black millennials and Gen Z, BHM provides an opportunity to reimagine what possibilities lie ahead, whilst also being a learning opportunity for those outside of the black community.

Do you celebrate Black History Month and if so, how?

Black History isn’t just about a month to me - I celebrate black history all year round as I feel it’s very important to know, understand and appreciate our history. I have two young daughters and we regularly read books about notable black figures, past and present. Ongoing engagement with history is essential, as it helps give context for the present.

Who do you admire?

A difficult question to have one answer for. I find that I am drawn to black women who have achieved greatness in their field, either at odds with their upbringing or despite gender and race imbalances in their industry. So the likes of entrepreneurs, Emma Grede and Sharmadean Reid, and influential industry leaders, such as Sharon White, Bozoma Saint John and Ukonwa Ojo, come to mind.

Name a quote or mantra that you live your life by?

Every disappointment makes way for something better!

What inspired you to move to GoDaddy?

I have many friends who run their own businesses, I run one too. Entrepreneurship is a path I truly admire. I had my first business at 13 years old, and to be working for an organisation that champions and empowers the everyday entrepreneur, fills me with great excitement and pride. I’m also a bit of a tech geek and love to keep up to date on the brilliant new technologies being developed to enhance our lives, and GoDaddy does just that!

What do you like about your role at GoDaddy?

Aside from being a true advocate of our company ethos, the first thing that I would say are the people - they are knowledgeable, passionate, and something we should never take for granted, nice! Oh and the GoDaddy employee swag is pretty great. I’m really looking forward to making an impact at an exciting time for our brand.

Feeling inspired?

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