10 things we overheard at WordCamp London 2016

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Mendel Kurland

We’ve been to a few WordCamps in our day (GoDaddy sponsors camps worldwide), but the event tends to be particularly memorable anytime we head over the pond to Europe. WordCamp London was indeed memorable — and along the way we heard some things that made us laugh, think, or just generally happy.

Here’s @pfunder and @ifyouwillit’s list of favorite things we heard at WordCamp London. Enjoy the list, and follow these great people. They’re awesome!

WordCamp London Presentation

#WCLDN on Twitter: Our top 10 from WordCamp London


I've learned that there are more @andersoncooper fans at #wcldn in London per square foot, than all @cnn headcount in Atlanta. @GoDaddy

— Val Vesa (@adspedia) April 10, 2016


Hanging out with @GoDaddy Team at the #wcldn They say Harold and Maude is the best movie ever!! Not all conversations are about WordPress. ?

— Joško Džidić (@Josko_Mostar) April 10, 2016


No more icon fonts, SVG is here to make our lives easier!!! Thank you @SarahShemark #wcldn @GoDaddy

— Student Edit (@thestudentedit) April 10, 2016


@GoDaddy: one handy thing in learned about at #wcldn is the screenshot functionality in the Chrome Dev Tools.

— Bernhard Kau (@2ndKauBoy) April 10, 2016


Today I learned that we need to get even more people interested in #a11y. @GoDaddy, what have you learned about #a11y at #wcldn today?

— Taco Verdo (@TacoVerdo) April 10, 2016


Speeding up my @godaddy #wordpress website with image sprites #wcldn https://t.co/1P9O9aNAQQ pic.twitter.com/nDF8opWWuU

— Mariusz (@zkormorana) April 10, 2016


“Documentation is a love letter to your future self“

A lovely quote from Corinne Welsh in track A. #wcldn pic.twitter.com/xJqjVogueB

— Tom Willmot (@tomwillmot) April 10, 2016


My mum just Facetimed me whilst on stage at WordCamp London, obviously I took the call #wcldnhttps://t.co/KDcigWSmqG

— Tom Willmot (@tomwillmot) April 10, 2016


It may look a bit like it’s made of cheetos, but #Wapuu mascot at #wcldn is VERY cute. pic.twitter.com/RjkXLco0BH

— David Bisset (@dimensionmedia) April 9, 2016


More than technical things I learned about accessibility, inclusiveness and how To make a lovely and amazing community ❤️ @GoDaddy #wcldn

— Priscilla Saldanha (@Prisaldanha) April 10, 2016