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Get started with GoDaddy Payments

Looking for more ways to get paid? This series walks you through the critical steps to set up GoDaddy Payments. Use GoDaddy Payments to accept payments anywhere and any way that you want to sell – through your online store, over the phone, in person, and more. Want more info? Learn more about GoDaddy Payments.

Once you’re set up, you can even purchase a GoDaddy smart terminal to take your in-person selling options to the next level.

Note: Need help with your GoDaddy smart terminal? Check out our Get Started series for GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminal and GoDaddy Smart Terminal Flex.

1: Set up GoDaddy Payments

Enter some info about you and your business to set up GoDaddy Payments - for free!

2: Connect GoDaddy Payments to a bank account

Add the bank account info where you want to receive your payouts.

3: Adjust the GoDaddy Payments settings

Set Close of Day times, customize your receipts, adjust your tip settings and more.

4: Learn more about using GoDaddy Payments

Explore some of the other features, including the available devices for in-person selling.

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