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What are domain bundles?

Every website needs a domain and now you can get your email, website and domain all in one bundled subscription. You can get your online venture up and running with essential online services while saving money along the way.

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What are domain bundles?

Get all the tools you need to flourish online in one tidy bundle—domain, website, email and more can be bundled into a single subscription, saving you up to 57%. Domain bundles give you the flexibility to start your online venture by paying a lower monthly fee rather than paying an annual term up-front. And when you bundle your domain with your other products, you don't have to worry about mismatched billing cycles, saving you time and energy to focus on the important stuff.

What's included in my bundle?

We have 3 bundle options available to fit your online goals.

  • Starter: Best for building your brand and communicating with customers. Includes:
    • Domain name
    • Full Domain Protection
    • Professional email matching your domain
    • Secure online credit card payment processing
  • Essentials: Perfect for growing your business and launching your website.
    • Domain name
    • Everything in Starter Plan, plus:
    • Website Builder
    • Custom domain connection
    • Targeted email marketing
  • Ecommerce: Best for selling anywhere with an online store, marketplaces and point of sale.
    • Domain name
    • Everything in Essentials Plan, plus:
    • Website with Online Store
    • Marketplaces and social selling
    • Shoppable social posts

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What will my billing look like?

When you select a domain bundle while shopping, you'll see multiple, separate items in your cart, including the domain, Full Domain Protection and your bundled products.

  • Domain name: Choose your registration term, up to 10 years. At the end of your registration term, you'll need to renew the domain to continue your registration.
  • Full Domain Protection: Connected to your domain with the same billing cycle. Full Domain Protection will renew at the same time as your domain.
  • Bundled products (such as Website Builder and Professional Email): Renews monthly at the same rate for the first 12 months. You can renew the bundle in the 13th month and get the same renewal price for another 12 months.

Can I cancel my bundle and keep my domain?

Yes, you can cancel your bundle at any time from your account billing page. When a bundle is canceled, the domain is also canceled but can be recovered to your account within 60 days. You'll receive an email notification after cancellation with instructions on how to recover your domain. After recovering your domain, it'll convert to a standalone domain with an annual registration and you'll need to re-add Domain Protection.

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Can I transfer my bundled domain?

Yes, you can transfer your bundled domain to another GoDaddy account or a different registrar after 120 days of initial registration. This is different from a traditionally registered domain, which can be transferred after 60 days. To transfer your bundled domain, you'll need to cancel your bundle and recover your domain within 60 days, and then you'll be able to complete the transfer process.

Are there any limitations or restrictions?

There are some limitations that apply to domain bundles.

  • Domain bundles are only available for .com domains
  • Transfers to another registrar or GoDaddy account aren't available until 120 days after registration
  • Full Domain Protection cannot be upgraded or downgraded while part of a bundle
  • Bundled domains cannot be listed for sale
  • ConsoliDate is not available for bundled domains

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