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Managed WooCommerce Stores Blocklisted Plugins

Below you can find a list of blocklisted plugins for the Managed WooCommerce Stores platform. This means that you cannot install them or use them in your site. Installed plugins from this list will be removed.

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Duplicate FunctionalityPerformance
Related PostsSecurity Issues

Note: This article applies to all Managed WooCommerce Stores accounts throughout all tiers. This is not an exhaustive list. It's possible that plugins that fit into these categories or are known to cause problems may be added to the list or disabled at any time.


These plugins conflict with our own robust nightly backups to Amazon S3.

PluginSlugMore Info
6scan-backup6scan-backupAbandoned/unsupported plugin
Akeeba BackupakeebabackupwpSee category description
Automatic WordPress Backupautomatic-wordpress-backupSee category description
BackupbackupSee category description
Backup CreatorbackupcreatorSee category description
Backup DBbackup-dbSee category description
Backup to Dropboxbackup-to-dropboxSee category description
BackupBuddybackupbuddySee category description
BackupBuddy 2.2.33backupbuddy2.2.33See category description
BackUpWordPressbackupwordpressSee category description
BackupWPbackupwpSee category description
BackWPupbackwpupSee category description
CodeTree Backupthe-codetree-backupAbandoed/unsupported plugin
Database Backup for WordPresswp-db-backupSee category description
DBC Backupdbc-backupSee category description
ezpz-one-click-backupezpz-one-click-backupSee category description
PressBackuppressbackupSee category description
Simple WordPress Backupsimple-wordpress-backupSee category description
simple-backupsimple-backupSee category description
SnapshotsnapshotSee category description
Snapshot Backupsnapshot-backupSee category description
Total Backuptotal-backupSee category description
Total Backup by Fotantotal-archive-by-fotanSee category description
UpdraftupdraftAbandoned/unsupported plugin with duplicate functionality
UpdraftPlusupdraftplusSee category description
VM Backupsvm-backupsSee category description
WordPress Backup to Dropboxwordpress-backup-to-dropboxSee category description
wordpress-backupwordpress-backupSee category description
wordpress-database-backupwordpress-database-backupSee category description
WP S3 Backupswp-s3-backupsSee category description
wp Time Machinewp-time-machineSee category description
wp-complete-backupwp-complete-backupSee category description
wponlinebackupwponlinebackupAbandoned/unsupported plugin with duplicate functionality
XCloner Backup and Restorexcloner-backup-and-restoreSee category description

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Your Managed WordPress account already has caching built into it. However, if your site is facing performance issues, you can reach out to our care team to further investigate.

PluginSlugMore Info
BackjackerbackjackerSee category description
Cache Imagescache-imagesSee category description
db-cache-reloadeddb-cache-reloadedSee category description
Hyper Cachehyper-cacheSee category description
WP Cachewp-cacheSee category description
WP Cache.comwp-cachecomSee category description
WP Fast Cachewp-fast-cacheSee category description
WP Fastest Cachewp-fastest-cacheSee category description
WP File Cachewp-file-cacheSee category description
WP Super Cachewp-super-cacheSee category description
WP Total Cachew3-total-cacheSee category description

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Duplicate Functionality

These plugins duplicate functionality in various parts of our system.

PluginSlugMore Info
WP Database Optimizerwp-database-optimizerSee category description
WP-DBManagerwp-dbmanagerSee category description
WPDBSpringCleanwpdbspringcleanSee category description
WPOptimizewp-optimizeSee category description
admineradminerSee category description
Portable phpMyAdminportable-phpmyadminSee category description
wp-phpmyadminwp-phpmyadminSee category description

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These plugins don't perform well, in general, especially on large sites.

PluginSlugMore Info
adsense-click-fraud-monitoringadsense-click-fraud-monitoringSee category description
Broken Link Checkerbroken-link-checkerInstead, use client software on your computer or an external service
google-xml-sitemaps-with-multisite-supportgoogle-xml-sitemaps-with-multisite-supportInstead use Google Sitemaps or WordPress SEO
XML Sitemapsgoogle-sitemap-generatorVersions 4.0 and older — Instead use Google Sitemaps or WordPress SEO

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These plugins increase database load by using inefficient queries, poor caching, or poor scaling on large sites.

PluginSlugMore Info
Contextual Related Postscontextual-related-postsSee category description
fuzzy-seo-boosterfuzzy-seo-boosterSee category description
seo-alrpseo-alrpSee category description
Similar Postssimilar-postsSee category description
WordPress Popular Postswordpress-popular-postsVersions 3.1.1 and older
Yet Another Featured Posts Pluginyet-another-featured-posts-pluginSee category description

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Security Issues

These plugins have associated security issues identified in the More info column.

PluginSlugMore Info
3CX Live Chatwp-live-chat-supportVulnerability details
clefclefAbandoned/unsupported plugin
CopySafe PDF Protectionwp-copysafe-pdfVulnerability details
CopySafe Web Protectionwp-copysafe-webVulnerability details
InfiniteWP Clientiwp-clientVulnerability details
MailPoetmailpoetVulnerability details
NextGEN Gallerynextgen-galleryVulnerability details
Pipdig Power PackpipdigVulnerability details
Real-Time Find and Replacereal-time-find-and-replaceVulnerability details
Slick Popup: Contact Form 7 Popup Pluginslick-popupUnsupported plugin
toolspacktoolspackVulnerability details
WP Database Backupwp-database-backupUnsupported plugin

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These plugins are blocked because they negatively impact your site performance. We recommend using a service that records and stores your stats off-site. These include Chartbeat (paid), Google Analytics (free), [Jetpack (free)] and (free).

PluginSlugMore Info
CounterizecounterizeSee category description
FireStatsfirestatsSee category description
GoSquared LiveStatsgosquared-livestatsSee category description
jr-referrerjr-referrerSee category description
NewStatPressnewstatpressSee category description
referrer-wpreferrer-wpSee category description
Simple Statssimple-statsSee category description
StatPressstatpressSee category description
StatPress Reloadedstatpress-reloadedSee category description
StatPress Visitorsstatpress-visitorsSee category description
StatsstatsSee category description
Track That Stattrack-that-statSee category description
Visitor Stats Widgetvisitor-stats-widgetSee category description
VSF Simple Statsvsf-simple-statsSee category description
WassUpwassupSee category description
WP PostViewswp-postviewsSee category description
WP Power Statswp-power-statsSee category description
WP Slimstatwp-slimstatSee category description
WP Statisticswp-statisticsSee category description

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These plugins don't add any value and may not work correctly on our system.

PluginSlugMore Info
P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)p3-profilerNo longer receiving updates
SG CachePresssgcachepressFrom customers migrating from SiteGround, not needed
SynthesissynthesisFrom customers migrating from Synthesis, not needed
WordPress Beta Testerwordpress-beta-testerNon-functional on GoDaddy Managed WooCommerce Stores Hosting
wpengine-commonwpengine-commonFrom customers migrating from WP Engine, not needed
wp-engine-snapshotwp-engine-snapshotFrom customers migrating from WP Engine, not needed

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These additional plugins are not classified in the other categories and are blocklisted.

disable-plugin-updatesdisable plugin updates
Exploit Scannerexploit-scanner
SMEStorage Multi-Cloud Files ?smestorage-multi-cloud-files-p
Timthumb Vulnerability Scannertimthumb-vulnerability-scanner
WP Maintenance Modewp-maintenance-mode
XML Sitemap & Google Newsxml-sitemap-feed

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