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Should I use a data or a cellular connection to make and receive calls?

Note: Making and receiving calls through a cellular connection is available on iOS phones only, for now.

You can choose whether you want to make and receive calls on GoDaddy Conversations through an internet connection (the default when you set up your Business Calling & Texting number) or by connecting your business number to your personal cellular number.

There are advantages to both options, so it’s really a personal decision. Here’s some information to help you decide.

Wi-Fi/data (VoIP)Cellular phone connection (PSTN)
Connection typeInternetCellular
Call qualityDepends on Wi-Fi or mobile data strength Mirrors cell phone signal
Mobile number needed?No Yes
Call managementThrough the GoDaddy Conversations appThrough your mobile phone’s native dialer
Distinguish between business vs personal calls?YesYes
Identify caller?Yes No
Business voicemail available?Yes Yes, but if you decline calls they'll redirect to your personal voicemail. To avoid this, let the call ring until it goes through to your business voicemail.
Additional costsData rates may apply without unlimited data plan Calling rates may apply without unlimited calling minutes plan

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