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What is Marketplaces & Social for Managed WooCommerce Stores?

Marketplaces & Social allows you to connect multiple marketplaces to your online store and easily manage omnichannel sales via your WooCommerce admin. More specifically:

Sell products on multiple marketplaces

With your store directly connected to Marketplaces & Social, you can list and sell your products on major marketplaces and social channels, like Amazon and Etsy. You can find a list of all the supported marketplaces here.

Note: Marketplaces & Social doesn't currently support multiple sites. This means that you can only connect one WooCommerce store to Marketplaces & Social.

Sync product changes across channels

With this integration, inventory quantities, prices, and other product data will be automatically synced to your marketplace listings whenever changes are made in your store. Syncing goes both ways. More specifically:

  • Inventory and price changes from a connected sales channel will be automatically synced to your connected Managed WooCommerce Stores site.
  • Syncing is done automatically for all simple, non-virtual, non-downloadable and variable products as well as product variations.
  • Product and inventory changes on the connected Managed WooCommerce Stores site will automatically get synced to your connected sales channels.

Manage and process orders from one place

Marketplaces & Social imports all of your marketplace orders directly into WooCommerce, allowing you to fulfill your orders all from a single, unified dashboard.

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