8 lessons, 38 total minutes

Business Evaluation: From Side Hustler to Freelancer

Are you ready to take the next step and move your side hustle to a full-time self-employed freelance business? This GoDaddy Pro Academy course will help you level up by challenging you to review and evaluate your business health.

Side Hustler To Freelancer Title

Get ready to commit to your web design side hustle by evaluating what you need to build your own full-time freelance business. In this eight-part mini-course you will learn:

  • The main reasons for being your own boss
  • The challenges that stand in the way of self-employment
  • How to determine how much revenue you need to make
  • How to calculate your expenses to understand target salary
  • Tips to create a business plan and exit strategy
  • What tech and resources self-employed business owners need to get started
  • Principles of branding, products, services and target audience
  • How to build your pricing, portfolio and processes
  • Tips to recognize a healthy pipeline
  • The places online that freelancers go to find work

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