False facts about the digital world

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Murat Erdör

Have you realized that we all are digital individuals now? Some of us use social media while some of us use online banking. Some of us follow the agenda with new media and some of us are carrying their business online. As you can understand, digitalization has become a necessity today. Therefore, using the digital world correctly creates a great advantage. But on the other hand there is a point we need to be cautious about. Knowing about the false facts of the digital world is a first step to use the digital world correctly. So, what are these false facts about the digital world? How about we take a look?

It is possible to ensure digital security in social media

There are 54 million social media users in our country. When you consider the 81 million total population, this number is jaw dropping. So 2 in 3 of our population is a social media user and a digital individual. This number has been noticed by the business world and by considering the active user numbers they are moving their businesses to social media. Yes, this is our first false fact. I can hear those who say “Is social media secure?” Yes, it is. You can secure your social media accounts if you arranged your security and privacy settings correctly. Also you can have additional security for your account with different authentication methods. With correct settings it is possible to ensure digital security.

Mobile devices are both smart and safe

false facts applications mobile phone

We keep our mobile devices near us almost the entire day. Some of us even reach for their mobile devices as soon as they get up in the morning. Being portable and providing an easy access to the digital world makes the mobile devices important. So, what are the false facts for mobile devices? How do we ensure our mobile security? Let’s take a look. If the mobile applications you download from mobile stores are denied by the firewall, they start giving a warning. When this happens, the trust in the security of mobile applications decreases. However, the fear that all applications have viruses and will leak information should be accepted as a falsity. Because there are applications developed by your mobile device company and trustworthy mobile anti-virus programs available. These applications record passwords, fingerprints, face recognition systems and many other information that are defined to the mobile device, and prevents data leaks.

Free yourself from the prejudices about digital banking

Digital banking is defined as a new way of operation that is effective in the realization of monetary transactions using a mobile system without the need to go to a physical bank. With digital banking people and businesses started to save their data to the websites. Therefore, digital banking is considered as the least trustworthy area. Many false facts have already begun to spread that there is a security flaw and information leakage will endanger businesses and people. However, banks that strengthen their firewalls against any possible attacks don’t suffer from data leaks or loss of money.

They’re not going to bring the end of humanity

Artificial intelligence, with its recent popularity and the increase in its studies and applications, has also brought many sensational views. Familiar faces of the technology world share their points of view and comments about AI issues on social media from time to time. There are two major opposing opinions about artificial intelligence. One claims that artificial intelligence will take over the world and the other claims that it will do no such thing artificial intelligence will make our lives easier. This arguement looks like it will continue for a long time. However, the concept of “Internet of Things” which is a favorite of the technology world is a critical point. Because it is anticipated that more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2025. The digital language and the communication system that “Things” created among themselves will make our lives a lot easier in many ways.

To sum up, even if these false facts claim otherwise, if you take necessary security precautions and work with trusted brands, you can benefit from the advantages of the digital world. Don’t let the new technologies frighten you because of second hand misinformation.