GoDaddy partners with influencers to build Arabic websites for their businesses

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Nada ElSharkawy

Statistics show that Arabic is used by 1.0% of all the websites whose content language we know. With 230 million speakers, Arabic is the fifth most popular language in the world. As the world shifts to online, more businesses and individuals are setting up their online presence. GoDaddy partnered with influencers in the region to help them set up Arabic websites for their small businesses.

Excited to know more about these stellar entrepreneurs? We’ll take you through their business’ stories and their website building journeys.

Ayah Sharaf Designs

arabic websites ayah sharaf designs

Ayah Sharaf Designs was launched in 2014, aiming to create comfortable, elegant and sophisticated clothes for working women. You don't have to worry about looking great and feeling cool at the same time anymore - her designs do both effortlessly.
Ayah chose as her domain name to represent her brand and used GoDaddy Arabic Website Builder to build an Arabic website to showcase her designs.
She recently launched a new collection “Elegance”, and used her website to debut the pieces within it. Her Arabic website provides information about her brand, the designer and a ‘contact us’ page that the visitors can use to order pieces from the collection.

The Nutrition Clinic

hana abo el nasr nutritionist dietician egypt

Hana Abo El Nasr is a dietitian who specializes in eating disorders, so she knows how challenging it can be to balance lifestyle and healthy eating habits. She doesn't believe in restrictive dieting - her business’s motto is ‘All Foods Fit’, which is clearly stated in her website homepage.
Her aim is to help her clients build a healthy, happy relationship with food and to reach their desired weight through customized meal plans and consistent follow up appointments to help keep them on track.
Hana’s website is dual language, meaning she chose English and Arabic to reach a wider audience and help serve the visitors in both languages.
You can book an online session with the nutritionist through the online bookings page on her website.

Abdulrahman Sulayman

arabic websites abdulrahman sulayman fitness

Abdulrahman Sulayman is passionate about coaching people and empowering them on their fitness journeys. Over the last 10 years, he worked with hundreds of men and women across all ages and helped them perform better, feel healthier and be happier. He specializes in one-on-one and group training in terms of instructing and programming. He is also very passionate about cooking and educating his clients about the benefits of healthy eating, empowering them to learn how to plan and prepare nutritionally balanced meals.
Abdulrahman uses GoDaddy Arabic Website Builder to build a multilingual website that serves as a portfolio for his services and a placeholder for the healthy recipes that he prepares.

Rozan Designs

arabic websites suzan el sadi influencer rozan designs

Rozan Designs is a high-end modest-fashion online destination that was co-founded by the twin sisters Rawan and Suzan Alsadi. The name Rozan means “the elegant and balanced” and it was derived from combining both of the twins’ names together! (Rawan+ Suzan =Rozan)
Rawan and Suzan are honor Finance graduates from the American University in Dubai. They are both hijabis who are helplessly in love with international fashion. They co-founded “Rozan” after a life struggle to find outfits that reflected their colorful personalities yet complied with their personal beliefs.
Rozan provides solutions to problems associated with living in the GCC. Ladies wearing Rozan no longer need to worry about heat, long working hours and sandy/windy days, as light, non-transparent and somehow anti-wrinkling fabrics were used in the manufacturing of Rozan items. was built using GoDaddy Arabic Website Builder. Suzan uses the website to display her designs and exhibit the brand’s appearances in media outlets.

Building Arabic websites has never been easier

Building an Arabic website, or a dual language one, is now easier than ever. The following checklist that will help you kickstart your website today.
If you need assistance with building your website, choosing a theme or editing the content, you can reach out to the GoDaddy Guides through the live chat available on the website in both English and Arabic - they’re ready to help.

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