GoDaddy partners with Startups Without Borders to train 500 Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs bring innovation and creativity to the ecosystem while startups and small businesses drive quality and improved services to the consumers everywhere. As GoDaddy helps empower entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tools and help needed to grow their businesses online, we’ve teamed up with Startups Without Borders (SWB) to bring forth “Start and Grow Online with GoDaddy” in a trial to provide free online training course to the aspiring entrepreneurs in the region. This course includes skills to train entrepreneurs to take their business online and to teach them to build a website in 4 hours.
Want to know more about the course? Interested in signing up for free? Read on to find out more.

Partnering to support a great cause

In light of all the efforts to provide new stimuli to the economy, entrepreneurship is one of the greatest and most successful means to achieve this particular goal. Both GoDaddy and SWB have been avid supporters of entrepreneurs and small businesses, helping them thrive and bring forth their products.
The partnership aims to train 500 entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to start and grow their businesses online. Let us have a look at the earlier endorsements towards entrepreneurs:

GoDaddy’s efforts in the region

As part of GoDaddy’s effort to support small business and entrepreneurs in the region last year, we partnered with Dubai Startup Hub, Level Up DXB, The Women Exchange, Startup Egypt, and others to deliver various workshops and webinars in both English and Arabic.
Another way we supported regional entrepreneurship was launching GoDaddy Arabic Website Builder and E-Store, along with the Arabic version of the GoDaddy website. This came as part of an effort to support entrepreneurs in the Middle East, giving them the tools to navigate the website and build their websites and E-store in their native language.
The MENA region has been ahead of the global norm in terms of internet penetration. The United Arab Emirates’ internet penetration is at 99%, Egypt at 50%, and Saudi Arabia is close to 90%.
What this new normal has done is to increase the level of socialization and communication online: the average time spent online increased by over 50% globally, and GoDaddy wishes to support entrepreneurs in their pursuit of creating an online presence for their businesses and ideas.

Startups Without Borders supporting and training entrepreneurs

Startups Without Borders is a resource hub and network that provides entrepreneurship support. Its aim is to connect the most ambitious minds while providing investors with an entry-point to under-the-radar startups with disruptive potential. SWB’s vision is:

We are telling the stories of the architects of the future.

The mission SWB has is to craft pieces of inspiration and turn them into realities for entrepreneurs. One of the methods they use is providing role models.
By setting up events that connect migrant and refugee entrepreneurs with startup ecosystems in Europe and the Middle East, investors, incubators, mentors and corporations are gathered with a passion for creating new realities.
As for the partnership with GoDaddy, the ongoing pandemic has given more cause to this project’s existence than ever. Valentina Primo, Founder and CEO of Startups Without Borders commented:

For the past year, we’ve been supporting our community of entrepreneurs with an array of tools to take their business to the online world. As the pandemic accelerated the need to go digital, many entrepreneurs are struggling to transition to the online sphere.

Combining these two entrepreneurial backbones, “Start and Grow online with GoDaddy” is live.

On a mission to train entrepreneurs

train entrepreneurs godaddy books

The free training in the form of an online course titled “Start and Grow Online with GoDaddy” consists of an intensive 4-hour educational workshop to help small businesses create and manage their digital footprint.
Now more than ever, the focus for small businesses is to be online. One of the goals of this project is to educate SMEs and fill in the knowledge gap while providing them with the tools and help they need to be online. Participants will learn how to build a website, get a domain, and create search-friendly content to attract customers and sell in this brave new world.
This particular educational partnership aims to train entrepreneurs from across the MENA region on becoming digital entrepreneurs. In addition, focusing on building an online presence using GoDaddy’s know-how and through the establishment of an online community leveraging on Startups Without Borders' strong network of partners and its ecosystem of entrepreneurs to deliver additional workshops and mentorship hours.
According to GoDaddy’s 2020 Entrepreneur Survey:

This online course hopes to answer that need by making the necessary knowledge and know-how available to entrepreneurs and small business owners, whether they are running a home-based business or have a brick-and-mortar shop, one of the goals is to make 2021 the year they start dominating the online world.
The course’s content is designed by GoDaddy and available in both English and Arabic, and will include topics such as defining an online presence, wonders of the digital world, choosing a domain name, the importance of a professional email address, hands-on planning, building and securing a website.
Are you in need of any of these skills to prepare, start or enhance your small business? Then this course is for you.

Ready, set, engage!

By joining GoDaddy's online course, participants will benefit from in-depth training and will receive mentorship sessions, a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop as well as a free-trial website on the Arabic Website Builder tool that will be live for 30 days.

To be eligible to apply for the “Start and Grow Online with GoDaddy” online course, candidates must either be a small business owner, entrepreneur or sole trader. To apply, sign up here.
If you need other kinds of support for small businesses and entrepreneurs, GoDaddy offers personalized support through a number of tools and solutions. Feel free to reach out to us.
Interested in hearing from entrepreneurs about their journeys? Check out GoDaddy’s blog to explore entrepreneurs’ stories!

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