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Nada ElSharkawy

Having a closet full of beautiful, colorful dresses and outfits is every girl’s dream. Yet, finding trendy, feminine pieces – especially online – can be challenging. Surfing the internet and browsing through different eCommerce websites, hoping to find quality styles with affordable prices isn’t a problem anymore. Nancy El Khatib has launched with one purpose: to sublimate and affirm the power of feminine beauty. In our interview with Nancy, she takes us through the story of setting up – a successful eCommerce platform that focuses on the female fashion industry.

The lady behind

CEO of Nancy ElKhatib

Nancy El Khatib is the founder of forward female fashion apparel retailer with a creative background and experience in marketing and advertising. She is passionate about technology, innovation, and female fashion trends.
She explains to us the entrepreneurial journey:

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I launched Scarlt in June 2020 with a mission of disrupting the fashion industry and representing every independent and strong woman.

Nancy is a futurist with an entrepreneurial mindset and a women empowerment advocate. She studied Digital Design and Advertising, and came from a creative background, this had helped her when she was starting as a female fashion eCommerce business and her digital design career.
She says:

As an entrepreneur, my favorite part of the day is reading feedback from customers whether it is a positive or negative comment and choosing new products from suppliers. empowers females through fashion

female fashion scarlt website

Back to summer 2019 when Nancy and her friends had several occasions to attend but were not able to find high-quality and affordable dresses. This was the spark that ignited the idea of starting her own business to help solve this pain point. She started researching dresses and contacting suppliers in January 2020. And after massive hard work, Scarlt was launched in June 2020 amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Therefore, Scarlt was born as an eCommerce female fashion platform that offers a wide variety of handpicked high quality yet affordable dresses to women in the UAE and across the region.

summer dresses female fashion ecommerce website UAE

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Creating an eCommerce female fashion brand

When Nancy launched her brand, her idea was based on creating an online platform for females to help them browse and complete their purchase from the comfort of their home.
Nancy was no stranger to GoDaddy’s products and offerings as she started buying Domain names on the platform for personal projects around 10 years ago, and since then she considered GoDaddy as the default for website building.
She says:

Do you want to build your own E-store and start selling products online? You can easily set up an online store using GoDaddy E-store, try it now for free.

Nancy shares valuable lessons with budding entrepreneurs

Nancy is known to be a very motivated character, and she shared some valuable lessons and advice for upcoming entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who want to start their own venture:

If you are willing to enter the fashion eCommerce industry, make sure that you stay curious and never be afraid to fail. Remember that knowing that you are trying even if you fail is a great achievement.

In addition, the most valuable lesson that Nancy had learnt during the past year is to always test new and trending products and make sure the quality is great by viewing samples before showcasing them on the website.

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