Providing high level IT solutions in the Middle East: Tecomsa

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With an ambition that has no limit, Mohamed Diab takes us through his journey of running a leading distributor of high-end technology products with complete IT solutions and services. As the co-founder and the CEO of Tecomsa, Diab was able to launch his company with 15 years of experience in information and technology as well as the telecommunications sectors. He held key positions during his career including being a member of the Professional Computer Association (PCA). His vast global vision of expanding his company’s reach can only be weighed by his bright personality and sharp choices. One of which is obtaining a .me domain. In this article, we’ll follow his success journey.

Where it all started

Diab’s educational background in Management Information Systems, is directly linked to his business domain, he explains why it is crucial to stay up-to-date in the tech world in order for Tecomsa to thrive;

Every update in the world of technology is considered a crucial part or a “Must Have” in our IT Solutions, telecommunications, and software development industry

After completing his degree, Diab pursued a career in the ICT sector to further enhance his knowledge in the field. This has not only led him to joining the PCA, but also to focus on the next steps in his career; Tecomsa. By obtaining a set of skills, sufficient knowledge and a taste for curiosity, Diab has kept up with all the trends in the IT and telecommunications sectors which enables him to succeed even among huge corporations. His success story is linked to the professional decisions he has taken throughout his career, and all the hard work and dedication paid off.

Tecomsa’s IT solutions enterprise

Tecomsa is a leading company in the fields of IT, telecommunications (voice and SMS), software development, and digital marketing solutions in the Middle East and Europe.
In 2016, Tecomsa expanded its business to Cyprus to cover the European region and serve its clients effectively. Following this expansion, Tecomsa developed its expertise by broadening their scope globally to provide wholesale international voice and SMS connectivity, and solutions in the telecommunications field.
To achieve the state of superiority in the IT solutions sector, Tecomsa ensures the systematic delivery of numerous solutions starting with IOT – home automation, data center and network solutions, wireless systems, telecom, access control, CCTV, fire alarm, intrusion system, e-archiving, cloud (AWS – Office 365), and UPS solutions.
As the CEO of Tecomsa, Diab personally supervises many of the company’s operations. His style of leadership has not only improved the company’s services, but the quality of work introduced due to the team’s desire to grow. Thanks to the creativity of Tecomsa’s team, a successful enterprise exists today!

IT solutions tecomsa divisions

Rhythm of IT solutions business

Since its foundation, Tecomsa dedicated all its efforts to provide the clients with high-integrated solutions to help them tackle multiple tasks. Moreover, Tecomsa insists on being a pioneer with every single phase it goes through within each division, by providing full back end and front end support to provide the clients with expert services. This dedication comes with challenges appearing in the past and the future of the company. Diab takes us through some of the challenges and future projects of Tecomsa.

The challenges faced

Diab explains “The market is packed with challenges, and the ones that Tecomsa goes through are similar to these of all businesses. The rapid, uncontrollable changes are an important factor to keep in mind as we are facing them daily.” He adds:

Challenges can definitely make things harder on us. But if you think about it, some opportunities are born from crisis and fear to delve into challenges must have no place in our industry and this is basically how we overcome any challenge, by facing it.

As of today, Tecomsa has started a creative division that is aiming to provide clients with unique ideas and solutions to impact their businesses positively. It is part of Tecomsa’s future vision where it makes them stand out in the world of digital marketing and software development.
Here comes the necessity in being up to date with the world of digital marketing, especially with the circumstances the world is going through. Moreover, they are aiming to target different areas and regions as they find a good opportunity in spreading with their up to date technologies and expertise.

Tecomsa’s website background

In February 2018 they created their website themselves, Diab explains “After planning and designing the site, we decided to use WordPress to develop the website.”

tecomsa it solutions website

Just like each person has an identification card, a website is the company’s online ID and is one of the main tools to identify your company in order to introduce it to your clients.

When Tecomsa were choosing a domain name for their website - although they were aware of the purposes behind a .me domain name which is usually utilized to promote personal brands. Their idea was to create a website with a .com domain however, as it was unavailable at the time, they opted for .me particularly for the representative reasons which abbreviates .me to the Middle East - knowing that using it is a growing trend in the Middle Eastern area. Besides the .me domain name, Tecomsa uses other domains, cPanel hosting, and SSL certificate from GoDaddy and would most certainly recommend them for prospect companies to help them create an online presence and succeed in the digital realm.

In order to succeed, you have to share your values with your clients. You should have a clear goal and vision for your business. GoDaddy, was the site builder providing continuous assistance as well as deliberate support for the delivery of Tecomsa’s mission and vision statement. If you’d like to check more customer success stories to inspire you to start your own business check our blog.