The journey of building a website for ElectroMark: An electricity and solar energy company

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Nada ElSharkawy

Building a website for small businesses isn’t a luxury anymore, as 99% of the UAE’s population are using the internet businesses need to be where their audience is. Reports say that the user in the UAE spends an average of 7 hours 45 minutes on the internet every day; so would you want to miss the chance of getting your business found on the internet then?

As a part of our mission to help small businesses launch their online identity, we’ve launched a campaign called “Let’s Build you a Website”, you can read more details about it here. And as a part of our campaign we built a website for ElectroMark, electricity and solar energy company in Morocco. In this article, we’ll tell the story of this small business and their website building journey with us. So, buckle up and get ready for a high voltage expedition.

The story of ElectroMark

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ElectroMark is a construction, home electricity, low and medium voltage provider, moreover they provide solar energy system installation for houses, industrial and agricultural facilities too. Their company is a partner of the Moroccan National Office of Electricity and Water Supply, and they have the necessary licenses to work in the national electricity grid as well as the water network.

Their company was established in 2009, and ever since then they have been following the requirements of the Moroccan government and serving both individuals and companies.

They provide several products, including air and underground cables, transformers, cutters and all industrial and household electrical requirements. They also specialize in supplying solar energy systems of high-quality panels and high-quality water transformers and pumps. Furthermore, they sell all types of electric cables and all kinds of solar panels and electrical pumps. Their services include everything related to electricity, irrigation and similar systems.

Khalid Hassone, ElectroMark’s general director reached out to us through GoDaddy’s Facebook page and responded to our call out for small businesses that need websites and he asked us to build a website for them.

Khalid had said:

We need a website to open up to both local and overseas markets; as our business focuses on installing solar panels and irrigation systems.

You can watch their website building journey in the video below:

The journey of building a website for ElectroMark

Building a website for ElectroMark was pretty simple and straightforward. The first step for launching an online identity for any business is securing their domain name, and ElectroMark chose their domain name using GoDaddy’s domain name search and they’ve settled on
Then moving on to the website building journey itself, they’ve used GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing to build their website. The tool is very simple it eliminates all complications and lets you build a beautiful looking website in less than an hour. After choosing the website’s template, theme, font and colours; they’ve moved on to add the website’s content; their website has 4 pages. So, besides the homepage, they have an about us page where they write an introduction about their business, products and services page where they list the products and services that they provide and a Gallery where they have a slideshow that highlights pictures of their products and services and previous works. Their homepage has their logo along with a contact form so their customers and potential clients can reach out to them.

After building their website, they’ve published it and connected it to their domain name in a few clicks. Their general manager and the team are very ecstatic about their new website and all the potential that comes with it.

Do you want to build a website for your business yourself?

If you were inspired by ElectroMark’s story, you can check more success stories of our customers in our blog here. You can also start your own free trial and build a website for your business using GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing tool.

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