Benefits of blogging

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Selina Bieber

Blogging has become a very common activity over the last decade. As 2018 statistics show, there are more than 440 million blogs on the web. People use blogging for all purposes, as a hobby or for business, because of its availability and effectiveness. Do you like sharing your ideas and opinions with others? Do you have a small business that you want to promote? If any of these interest you, then blogging is the way to go.

People blog about science, technology, arts, history, sports, anything you can think of.  You can employ your blog for-profit or non-profit purposes. Blogging proved itself to be one of the most effective ways to refine your skills or to grow your business online. Let’s see why.

A hobby and a business

Here are the 9 most important benefits of blogging:

  1. Improve your writing skills

  2. Spread your ideas and thoughts

  3. Enhance SEO

  4. Keep your customers updated and attract new ones

  5. Answer FAQ

  6. Earn money from Blogging

  7. You can improve your technical knowledge

  8. Create networking opportunities

  9. Help others

Now let’s see each one in detail.

1.Improve your writing skills

Blogging is a great tool if you want to improve your writing skills. As you write, you also learn how to express yourself through writing. And the more you do it, the better you get at it. Some people aren’t very skilled when it comes to self-expression, so blogging can help you improve and as you learn how to express yourself you may even start falling in love with writing and blogging. This can open new doors for you, and you may even consider becoming a writer in the future.

Writing is a very useful skill, it can help and support you everywhere, in your daily life or in business. This article will show you how in the next paragraphs.

2.Spread your ideas and thoughts

blogging ideas spread audience

Whenever we face a problem in our lives, we seek advice from others. In the digital world we live, we frequently turn towards internet with our problems. We read a lot on the web and what we read affects us, consciously or subconsciously. Blogging helps your ideas and thoughts to reach and affect people. As you write and express your opinions about certain issues, like-minded people or people who want to read about the same issues can come across your blog, read your ideas and thoughts and maybe find the answer they were looking for. You can make a difference.

3.Enhance SEO

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It’s the techniques and practices you can use to optimize your website in order to rank higher on the search results.

One way to improve your SEO is updating and refreshing the content of your website. Active websites usually rank higher than the less active ones, and one way to keep your website active is by blogging and writing articles. The more you blog the more traffic you attract to your website.

To learn more about SEO, you can read this article.

4.Keep your customers updated and attract new ones

If you own or manage a business, you can attract potential customers by writing about your new products and services, and keep your existing customers informed on any product or service updates. If you don’t talk about what you have to offer, you can’t reach potential customers who need your products or services. Your public relations is critical to develop your business, and readers of today are potential customers of tomorrow.

Blogging also helps you collect feedback from your readers. Adding some questions at the end of an article and reading the comments will help you understand what your customers want. Thus you can provide a better service, and even transform potential customers into actual ones.

5.Answer FAQ

blogging faq customer service

If you run or manage a business, you may receive many questions regarding what you offer. Many of these question are repeated and you probably have answered them many times before. If you have a specific set of question you are often asked about your business, creating a FAQ page may be the best option. Instead of answering the same questions every time, you can compile them into one blog post and then direct your new customers to that page. This way you can save time while also providing your customers with the information they need about your business.

6.Earn money from blogging

Making money online is a hot topic nowadays. Many people like the freedom working online brings, and there are so many opportunities and choices. But there are many risks, too. So people hesitate or don’t know where to start. If you need a safe first step, blogging is the way to go. Because blogging is a business you can start with the lowest budget or even without a budget.

When your blog becomes popular and enough traffic is going to your blog, then you can start selling ad space on your blog, consider affiliate programs, or large companies can reach you to write about and promote their products and services.

In time, other websites or blogs may want you to guest author as well. You may receive offers to write an article on their website or blog because they like your ideas and your writing style or because your name may help attract visitors to their website.

If you would like to read more about making money online through blogging, please read this article.

7.You can improve your technical knowledge

Not only your readers will benefit from what you write, but even you can benefit from what you write. How? As we said, you may have offers from companies to write about their products and services. In order to write about them correctly, you may need to make a research and expand your knowledge.

Also, although you can start your journey with a basic blog and no technical knowledge, as you business blooms, so should your blog. When you are managing a website or a blog, to insure it operates at its best, you will have to have solid understanding of some terms like: SEO, Domains, Hosting and many others.

8.Create networking opportunities

relations contacts business

Blogging provides you with the opportunity to create a network. Through blogging networking you can communicate and engage with your existing contacts as well as reach new ones.

By blogging you can show your expertise to others, you can write articles to impress your followers, or you can even publish some facts about your business in numbers and let them know about your latest achievements.

You can even expand your network by hosting a guest on your blog, to write an article or to give a feedback on one of your products or a services they used. And you can also reach people who are not easily reachable, people who are far away from you. The internet connects people everywhere, you don’t need to meet them in personal or get in touch with them through the email, your blog can reach them and do it for you.

9.Help others

By blogging, you can help and inspire others. We all have been inspired at least once by something we’ve heard or read. You can write general articles related to a field you’re interested in. For example, if you’re a psychologist and you’re writing about common anxiety problems and how to cope with them, someone with the same problems might read your article and try your methods. Or if you’re a freelancer, you can write an article about working from home, and someone who is struggling between making money and taking care of children might come across your blog and find the solution to this problem. And the fields are limitless.

Blogging is a trending topic nowadays for so many reasons. In this article, we’ve reviewed a few that are helpful for your professional and personal development. Are you considering starting a blog ? You can check GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting for an easy start.