Standout tools: GoDaddy Website Builder blog feature

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Stefano Maruzzi

Whether you’re running a small business or building a personal brand, a blog can be an essential part of your strategy. A well-executed blog helps to fulfill the need to keep customers engaged — driving repeat business — and can position you as an expert in your field. A blog is a great way to share customer stories, professional advice and anecdotes that bring you, as a business owner, closer to your customer base.

Introducing the GoDaddy Website Builder blog feature

Now, GoDaddy’s innovative swipe-to-style website builder, Website Builder, includes an easy-to-use blogging tool. The GoDaddy Website Builder blog feature takes the guesswork out of integrating a blog into your website by walking you through the simple process — with all the tools you need at your fingertips.

website builder blog feature

Who’s it for?

Who can benefit from the GoDaddy Website Builder blog feature? Just about anyone! Entrepreneurs, small business owners, beginning bloggers, freelancers who are working to build their personal brands — anyone who wants a simple blogging solution to share ideas and information, connect with customers and prospects, and establish thought leadership.

What problem does it solve?

There are many blogging platforms to choose from, but many are complicated or designed to be completely separate from your website. You might not know what features to enable or what platform to choose after going through the decision process for your site.

This makes blogging prohibitive, which means you’re less likely to be able to seize the moment when creativity strikes.

If you send your site visitors elsewhere to read your content, you don’t know if they’re going to come back to purchase, or get in touch, or if they’ll lose focus — causing you to lose business.

How does GoDaddy's Website Builder blog feature make blogging easier?

GoDaddy's Website Builder blog feature keeps the blogging process simple while keeping your fans and customers on your website. To help you create engaging posts, all of your site images are right at your fingertips, along with a large library of stock images.

godaddy website builder blog feature image library

Formatting tools are also readily available without presenting you with endless decisions that can lead to a busy, hard-to-read page.

godaddy website builder blog feature editor

Just ask Ryan Speerts of Hippie Today. He’s used the GoDaddy's Website Builder's blog feature to share his “rants” with readers. Ryan says:

“The Website Builder's blog tool was so easy to use. I loved how user friendly it was and how I was able to get my posts up very quickly. Definitely the best blog tool I have ever used! I love the fact that somebody can read my written work with ease. I get so excited every time I post a new blog because I can’t wait to see how someone relates to my posts!”

godaddy website builder blog feature hippie today

Ready to start connecting with your target audience? Check out your Website Builder site and add the Website Builder blog feature to keep your visitors engaged with fresh content.