How to increase sales: 5 effective strategies for online businesses in 2024

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Selina Bieber

If you are a business owner, increasing sales is a crucial step towards your business's success. In this article, you will learn about 5 effective marketing strategies in 2024 that can help increase sales.

You will also discover that there are always more creative effective marketing strategies besides the basic ones.

Here are the 5 strategies we will cover:  

  1. The smaller the target markets, the bigger the success 
  2. Increase sales by selling the “Benefit”, not the “Product” 
  3. Use the “Packaging Insert” method 
  4. Create an outstanding online presence 
  5. Feature your most popular products 


 1- The smaller the target markets, the bigger the success 

 Most people are unaware that targeting smaller niches can increase sales. However, if you chose the wrong target market, your marketing will be ineffective, and the sales distribution methods you choose will be unproductive. Once you determine your niche, niche marketing can help you reach audiences that will be interested in what you’re offering.  

Niche Marketing is a type of advertising that focuses on a small group of customers. It attracts a specific segment of the audience by focusing on a particular product or service. 

According to research briefs, 42% of start-ups fail, mostly because they ignore the opportunity to capitalize on a niche and don’t provide a solution to a problem. 

What are the benefits of Niche marketing? 

  1. Less competition 
  2. Easy to figure out what your client wants if your target market is smaller 
  3. Brand loyalty  

In a micro-market, there may be fewer competitors, but it becomes challenging yet imperative to stand yourself apart from the competitors. 

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 2- Increase sales by selling the “Benefit”, not the “Product” 

Customers don’t purchase products; instead, they purchase the benefit that the product will provide. When it comes to marketing and selling your product or service, remembering the "help" rather than the "sell" approach will help you focus on the benefits. 

Keep in mind what your targeted audience will be able to gain by purchasing from you and how it will benefit their lifestyle.  

Making an emotional connection increases chance of action and completion of purchase.


3- Use the “Packaging insert Insert” method

increase your sales

Did you know that a small gesture like adding a small gift or product sample to your customer's package might help you increase sales? 

Because more than seven out of ten buyers say packaging influences their purchasing decisions, businesses must think about their packaging not only from a functional aspect but also from a marketing and sales standpoint.  

Packaging inserts are a great way to advertise and can help you increase sales and profits. Because first impressions are so important, aside from the appearance of your box, the content is also as crucial.

Customers are more inclined to buy from a brand that appreciates them, thus a nice surprise that makes them feel unique may enhance their chance of coming back. 

Focusing on retaining existing customers while obtaining new ones is a good way to increase sales and profits while building customer loyalty.


Types of packaging inserts you can consider are: 

  • Discount coupons. 
  • Product samples and gifts. 
  • Thank-you notes.  

4- Create an outstanding online presence  

In today's world, having an online presence is essential for any business or brand to succeed. All businesses must exist online as the world moves quicker than ever towards digital technologies. 

Many things fit within this category when it comes to an online presence. Various platforms might assist you in declaring and establishing a strong one. It can be in the form of social media platforms, websites, and blogs. 

A website is one of the most effective ways to increase sales that have the potential to expand as you need more functionalities. A website with a blog is ideal for you since it allows you to build new dynamics with the user, such as content creation. 

Remember that a well-designed website can be a relatively low-cost way of attracting new customers, but you will need to make sure it can be found by search engines.


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increase your sales

You can potentially increase sales by promoting a product as featured to bring attention to it. You can place it at the top of your website homepage or highlight it on Instagram, for example.  

 This trick gives the vibe to potential customers that it's special in some way by designating it "featured." Use your best-selling products as the featured choice to increase sales even further. If you use Websites + Marketing from GoDaddy you will be able to add featured products so customers can quickly see your top products. These can be your best-sellers or items or services that you want to draw attention to. 

In Conclusion 

There are always other sales methods, such as offering limited-time deals and social media marketing that can be beneficial. Regardless of what type of online business you have, learning how to increase sales will help your business thrive. The more revenue you make, the healthier your company grows. 

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