How to Write ad copy to get more clicks

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Selina Bieber

Advertising content is an important aspect of marketing when it comes to promoting your business. Ad copy informs potential customers about what makes your product or service the best available, tries to convince them to review what you offer and to make a purchase. However, since the digital advertising market share has grown and is expected to further expand, writing a catchy ad copy is the quickest way to increase traffic.

Here are 6 tips to spice up your ad copy:

  1. Identify your Target Audience
  2. Master the Headline
  3. Make use of statistics
  4. Concentrate on the advantages
  5. Don’t forget SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  6. Add Call-To-Action

Identify your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is the first step you should consider before you start writing your ad copy content. In doing so, you must have an answer to at least these 3 questions:

  • Who are the people you are selling to, and where are they located?
  • Are they in need of your product or service?
  • What is their age?

Answering these two questions will help you address your target audience's needs with a sellable solution; therefore, it will help you create ad copy that meets your target audience's tone and language.

For instance, using a formal language with a young target audience or youth slang with older customers makes no sense. So, keep the age group in mind while writing your ad copy.

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Master the Headline

The headline is important because on average, 80% of people read the headline while only 20% read the entire article

The great ad copy headlines should focus on your audience’s problems and show how you can solve them.

Therefore, the goal of a good headline isn't just to persuade people to click but to provide catchy content to make the customer willing to take the next step of purchasing.

You should also consider how people will interpret your headline even if it’s not accompanied by an image.

Keep things simple by avoiding names and symbols that aren't well-known.

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Make use of statisticsad copy

Customers are more likely to trust ad copy that includes statistics or numbers because they appear to be backed up by a more reliable source.

Always try to find accurate numbers about your product or services’ usage rate.

For example, you can’t just say “most people prefer this over this” and not back up your statement. First, it might be false; second, without proof, it’s easy to dismiss

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Concentrate on the Advantages

Customers are not sure if your business is good or not. They're solely interested in how your business can make their life smoother.

Stating the benefits of your product or service in the ad copy is a great way to help dispose of the customer's hesitation to purchase.

For example, if you sell a skincare product on your website, you can state in your ad copy which type of skin this product works best for or how it works to give you the desired result.

Don’t forget SEOaudience

Make sure you include your target keywords in the headline and ad copy to guarantee it reaches the target audience.

According to Redevolution, Google shows web pages in their search results depending on their credibility and relevancy to improve the user experience.

The Ad Copywriter must have a good understanding of how to use the right keywords. An SEO copywriter is also aware of Google's views about specific words and phrases, particularly long-tail phrases.

This keyword research tool can assist you in discovering the perfect keywords.


The final goal of your ad copy is to make the customer take action. Therefore, the finest ad text contains a call-to-action (CTA) that encourages the reader to take the next step, whether it's clicking to learn more or purchasing right away.

Do not assume that the customer knows what to do next or what you want them to do. Use direct words in your ad copy like “Buy Now” or “View the Winter Line.”

For example, add a phrase about it to your ad copy if you want them to download something. When it is time to download, tell them if you want them to register. Strong action verbs are used in the greatest ad texts to compel consumers to take an action.

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