CompuBrain: Building an internet presence from start to finish

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Maxym Martineau

CompuBrain®, a company focused on technological advances to keep brands visible and accesible across all devices, came to GoDaddy to differentiate their services in a cluttered marketplace through products like the Domain Broker Service. As a result, they built a one-stop shop for domain name needs and digital services, with 10,000+ domain names registered.

CompuBrain: Making the internet a better place

CompuBrain Bijoy Patel

Decade-old digital media powerhouse CompuBrain summarizes its mission as "making the internet a better place.” That comes as no surprise, considering that the company is based in Ahmedabad, a city at the forefront of internet adoption and a part of the Indian government’s smart cities initiative.

CompuBrain’s reputation and skill has ensured its success, and today they serve more than 650 clients with a host of services that include Internet Reputation Management, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Design and its flagship service — Domain Registration and Hosting. The company has registered more than 10,000 domain names and handles more than 140 social media accounts that connect nearly 8 million people daily.

Having successfully digitized the businesses of many reputed brands across the globe, Bijoy Patel, Business Head of CompuBrain, is acutely aware that the journey of these brands begins with a domain name. Because of its importance, especially in cases where a brand is unable to find its desired name, he began utilizing GoDaddy’s domain services nearly five years ago.

“In today’s competitive world, domain names are critical to any brand. They provide a unique identity to the business which can become a brand name. So the decision of choosing the appropriate domain name is critical.”

An ideal partnership for the perfect domain

CompuBrain Computer

While several factors simultaneously compelled CompuBrain to forge a partnership with GoDaddy, their Domain Broker Service was a clincher to that decision. GoDaddy’s account management executives and support team, who work directly with their partners, resonated with CompuBrain’s own philosophy of working with businesses that are not faceless.

The Domain Buy Service helps businesses and individuals get their ideal domain by contacting and negotiating with the current owner on their behalf.

“In six out of 10 initial briefing meetings, our clients suggest having compromised with their domain name selection in the past as their desired name wasn’t available,” says Bijoy.

CompuBrain guides their clients through the three-step Domain Name Buy Service offered by Godaddy, which involves contacting the owner of the original domain name, negotiating the sale and facilitating the transaction by GoDaddy’s professional agent.

As a result, CompuBrain has closed 80 percent of their customer’s requests for their ideal domain name. “I like the smile on my customer’s face when their dream domain name becomes their own,” says Bijoy.

More than just domains

CompuBrain Services

With help from GoDaddy, CompuBrain has also been able to establish itself as a one-stop shop for getting a complete presence online. GoDaddy’s white-labelled storefront allows them to offer their clients a comprehensive range of products, from domain registration to hosting services. The product and price advantage the company receives from GoDaddy further helps improve customer adherence.

GoDaddy’s world-class technical support has been another key aspect of the partnership. This support gives CompuBrain the confidence to know that its clients are in good hands, anytime of the day or night.

“Every interaction with their team has increased our confidence and faith in their services. All queries, regardless of their nature, have been solved proactively and to our satisfaction.”

The GoDaddy account manager assigned to CompuBrain has also been a differentiator. Bijoy calls him a powerful binding factor and is all praises for his dependability and availability, 24/7.

Looking forward to a bright future

Bijoy attributes the success of the last ten years to having invested in the right people, constructive ideas and partnerships. It’s these factors that allow CompuBrain to look forward to the next decade with optimism. “We’re committed to invest heavily in people and technology to ensure we continue to make the Internet a better place,” he adds.