Dr. Shelly Ahmed: KhabarLive Hyderabad News

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Cate Barker

Dr. Shelly Ahmed is the founder editor of KhabarLive Hyderabad News, an intelligent news media platform for today’s aware millennials who demand thought-provoking content, in simple language, on trending topics that really matter. Dr. Ahmed has also been an ambassador at UNESCO in Paris, France, since 2016 and is International President of DSA Ventures Inc, a venture fund. Keep up with the KhabarLive news on their Facebook or Twitter.

The who:

What is your business name?

#KhabarLive News Group - #KhabarLive Hyderabad News

What’s your physical location?

Dr. Shelly Ahmed KhabarLive Hyderabad News

Hyderabad, India.

How would you describe your professional experience and background? 

I am a technocrat, journalist, writer and entrepreneur with 25+ years of expertise.

The what: 

Could you describe the scope of your operation? 

KhabarLive Hyderabad News home page

Digital news, syndication, content marketing, and advertising. 

What inspired you to shape your idea into a business? 

Need of the hour and more scope in digital news in Hyderabad.

What kind of projects do you prefer to work on? 

News content, media and advertising.  

Could you describe your typical client (if you have a typical client)? 

News-hungry people and media-hungry advertisers.

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Sometimes we’re in a position where things don't go to plan. How do you manage these situations?

Crisis management is my tool to handle such situations.

How do you position GoDaddy products and services for your clients? 

It’s a better choice in affordability and value addition.

Could you describe a project that you feel exemplifies you at your best? 

Content syndication projects.

The how:

An obvious metric for measuring our own success is how much you got paid versus how much time it took. Any advice here? 

No work pays instantly, there is always hard work involved. It took two years to generate revenues from my writings.

How does GoDaddy Pro fit into what you do? 

It’s a simply superb tool to handle and manage gamut of clients.

Imagine you could travel back in time — what advice would you give yourself? 

Keep your spirits high, continue hard work. It always pays.

What’s your advice for people who want to be like you? 

The key is consistency in your hard work. Alway add value to your work and brush up with new info. Adopt storytelling methodology intelligently.