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Kadambari Bahl

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market in India is projected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2029) of 8.76%, resulting in a market volume of US$10.94bn by 2029. As a global leader in the BPO industry, there is still scope for new BPO companies to make a mark and earn profits in India. The easiest way to do so is by having a unique and searchable name.

If you’re looking to start your own BPO business in India, here are some ideas on how you can name your BPO business!

Why is your business name Important?

Your business name holds immense significance—it's not merely a random string of words. It serves as the initial encounter your company has with potential customers, shaping their perception of what you offer. Your business name becomes an integral part of your identity, influencing how you're perceived and the customers you attract.

This makes it imperative for your business name to strike a balance between being descriptive and creative. It should encapsulate your range of services while leaving a lasting impression. After all, it's not just a name; It serves as the cornerstone of your inbound strategy, the bedrock of your brand identity, and the driving force behind lead generation.

What makes a good BPO outsourcing agency name?

An impactful business name that comes to mind is Genpact.

Some characteristics for an effective agency name are that it is memorable and easy to spell. A word that might come to mind when you think of Genpact is “impact". It is a very powerful association to be made for this company, given that Genpact aims to empower its clients and drive businesses to work better. Such a name is very relevant for the services Genpact offers.

According to their website: We (Genpact) provide a range of business and technology services designed to drive digital transformation, innovation, and growth for our clients.

Top Fortune 500 businesses like Accenture also recognise the impact of a good name on branding and first impressions. Previously named Anderson Consulting, they announced that they would be changing their name to Accenture as part of their growth strategy. Accenture was a word that they believed put an accent or emphasis on the future, just as the firm wished to focus on helping its clients create their future.

When trying to come up with a new name for the firm, they thought of things like bold growth, operational excellence and a great place to work. The leadership team believed that Accenture seemed to capture all of those things.

Things to consider when naming your BPO outsourcing business

Regardless of the industry, there are several key considerations to bear in mind when naming your outsourcing business.

Ease of spelling

A BPO service provider with a complex name might find it challenging to attract and retain clients. Even if creating new words or company names which may not be associated with a word, ease of spelling is important.

For instance, EXL is a company that is easy to spell, despite not being linked to a specific word. EXL's services were defined by the company and not by its name, so they had to spend more time developing brand identity. However, this choice helped them expand and grow, as they were not bound to a specific industry in the BPO business.

Ease of pronunciation

Many outsourcing companies serve as back offices to other companies in America, where the ease of pronunciation becomes crucial. If a company's name is difficult to pronounce, it might hamper clients' ability to remember, or refer it to others, making lead generation a challenging task. Hence, many BPO companies opt for easy-to-pronounce names, leveraging simplicity for enhanced word-of-mouth referrals and streamlined lead generation efforts. This is exemplified by brands like IBM, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and TaskVirtual.

A straightforward and easily articulated name not only fosters seamless communication, it also enhances brand recall and fosters stronger client relationships.

Ease of remembering

Apart from spelling, outsourced services such as information technology, contact centers, and other back-office functions face fierce competition within the industry landscape. In such a crowded field, it's imperative for these companies to distinguish themselves.

Unique and creative names not only aid clients in remembering BPO companies but also serve as potent tools for industry differentiation. Consider examples like Ask Sunday, Octopus Tech, Salesify, and UrbanTimer—names that are both memorable and inventive, setting these companies apart in the competitive market.

These distinctive names not only capture attention, but also convey the innovative approach and commitment to excellence that define these BPO companies.

Screenshot of Ask Sunday Homepage

Screenshot of Ask Sunday Homepage

Screenshot of Octopus Tech Homepage

Screenshot of Octopus Tech Homepage


Top BPO giants such as Wipro and Infosys strategically craft unique names to enhance their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. A distinctive name not only aids in standing out, but also facilitates better ranking on Google search pages. Conversely, companies employing common words in their names may struggle to attain high rankings due to intensified competition and diluted online visibility. Customer retention also becomes an arduous task, as competitors with similar names often outshine them through superior SEO and digital marketing strategies.

Furthermore, maintaining consistency across various digital platforms, particularly social media, is pivotal for effective SEO. Take, for instance, the case of Wipro; if its website URL is while its Instagram handle is @wearewipro, it complicates the process of appearing in search results. Due to this, digital marketing efforts must broaden to encompass multiple search terms, rather than solely relying on the company name, to ensure the prominence of official social media handles in Google search results.

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The importance of buying a domain name for your BPO outsourcing business 

A registered domain name is a digital street sign that people type into their web browser to find your website. It defines the online presence of your business, which is why choosing a domain name is as important as choosing the name of your company. In this digital age, if a business process outsourcing company is not online, it affects the legitimacy of the company.

If your domain name is easy to remember and find on search engines like Google, it would drive conversions and revenue via organic search channels and save you digital marketing ad spend.

Confused about how to buy and register a domain for your BPO? You can use GoDaddy’s Domain Name search to quickly search whether a domain name is available before registering your business name and making a website.

What is the difference between .in and .com domains?

Tailoring your domain choice to your business needs is essential. You should choose your domain extension i.e. suffixes like .com or .net at the end of the URL, depending on the needs of your business.

A .in domain extension signals that your business is located in India.

Even American based companies like Amazon are increasingly favouring .in domain extensions over .com to resonate better with local audiences.

However, if you anticipate your business will have a global reach and you do not wish to be associated with a specific geographical area, a .com or alternative domain may suit you better. A .com domain extension is associated with ecommerce but may not be as cost effective.

Additionally a .com domain extension is not readily available and you may need to sacrifice the ease of spelling and remembering to get the domain name of choice.

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Creative Outsourcing Agency Names 

Here are some names suitable for a creative outsourcing services company:

  • Outsourcify India
  • NextGen Bharat
  • Operational Subcontractor
  • InnovateWave
  • Sankalp Enterprises
  • A Paved Way
  • EvolveFusion
  • Synergy Shift
  • VisionaryVantage Outsourcing
  • Outsource Industries
  • FutureForward BPO
  • Toward Future
  • Umeed Utkarsh Outsourcing
  • Bright Outsource
  • Infinity Staffing Partners
  • FusionFlex Solutions
  • Insight Integration
  • Vanguard Intelligence
  • BPO Guru India
  • Ingenious Renovations

You can find more creative names using GoDaddy’s domain search feature. If a business name is taken, you can consider contacting the current owner with the help of GoDaddy’s Domain Broker Service.

Tech-Focused BPO outsourcing agency names 

Here are some suggestions for tech-focused outsourcing services:

  • Right Resource
  • Connected
  • The Future Lead
  • Innovate Outsource
  • Outsource Nex
  • Tech Fusion
  • Code Crafted Agency
  • Pioneer Tech Group
  • Byte Blitz India
  • Digital Forge India
  • Spark Wire India
  • Swift Tech Outsourcing
  • Code Nova
  • Futurify Tech
  • Circuit Crafters
  • Electro Techies
  • InnovaTronix
  • Pro Org Tech
  • Mod Tech Pulse
  • Mod Xcelerate

Technology startups, software development companies and IT services are often associated with modernity and innovation, which is why it’s a good idea to lean into that association to be memorable.

Furthermore, names that emphasize technological prowess and innovation can showcase the agency's commitment to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. Considerations like ease of pronunciation and global appeal are also crucial for facilitating brand recognition and expansion beyond borders.

Customer support BPO outsourcing agency names 

Here are some suggestions for outsourcing agency names that specialize in customer support:

  • SupportNinja
  • Customer Care Crew
  • Customer First Co
  • Outsourced Assist
  • Support And Beyond
  • Support Savvy Pro
  • Automation Assist
  • Customer Success Ace
  • Cx Guru Central
  • Customer Bliss Boost
  • Customer Joy Creators
  • Feedback Genius Pro
  • Happy Customer Hub
  • Satisfaction Pro 360
  • Helpful Hands Hq
  • Ninja Support Line
  • Care Crafter Connect
  • Customer Champion Elite
  • Leading Customer Solutions
  • Streamline Support

India-based call centers and customer support agencies should wish to be associated with reliability and high-quality customer experience. Which is why names that reflect efficiency and expertise in support services​ should be prioritised.

Human Resources BPO outsourcing agency names 

Here are some suggestions for BPO companies focusing on human resources:

  • PeopleFirst Outsourcing
  • HR Connect
  • Virtual Assistant HR
  • HR Virtual Ease
  • Work Force Wizardry
  • HR Maven India
  • People Pro India
  • Source Fusion
  • Crew Catchers
  • Personnel Prowess
  • Squad Scouters
  • Sourcing Today
  • Candidate Catch Hub
  • Culture Crafters Co
  • Pro Active People Co
  • End To End Employ
  • The Talent Turnkey
  • Talent Trek Outsourcing Solutions
  • Total Talent Link
  • People Pros

These companies provide back-office support to multi-national companies. These services become essential to business operations, which is why it is important to channel trust and professionalism through the company name.

Some suggestions for business process management companies that focus on legal and administrative services:

  • TrustLegal Outsourcing
  • AdminAssist Partners
  • VirtualAssist Admin
  • Legal Ease Outsourced
  • Legal Support Gurus
  • Admin Support Genie
  • Virtual Aid Masters
  • Virtually Supportive
  • Justice Advocate Pro
  • Law Savior Genius
  • Law Support Hub
  • India Justice Assist
  • The Allys
  • Legal Ally Life
  • Admin Aided

Legal Consultancy services names that project security, confidentiality, and regulatory compliance should be in focus.

To become leading providers of legal and administrative support, these companies will also have to do market research on which laws are prevalent in the USA and other multinational markets.

Otherwise companies may prefer in-house services as geographical expertise is needed in this specific field. A name that reflects expertise in various legal jurisdictions can instill confidence in potential clients and signify global competence. Furthermore, aligning the name with the core values of trust and professionalism can reinforce the brand's commitment to excellence in legal services.

Niche BPO outsourcing agency names

For outsourcing agencies focusing on specific industries like healthcare, app development, data entry, data management or real estate, here are some suggestions:

  • HealthSourcing Professionals
  • RealEstate Outsourcing Experts
  • Care Outsource Pro
  • Medi Outsource Health
  • Estate Efficiency
  • Remote Property Pro
  • Cityscape Choices
  • App Dev Hq
  • App Forge Hub
  • App Alchemy
  • Data Punch In
  • Data Swift Key
  • Secure Data Fortress
  • Data Armor HQ
  • Life Loom Health
  • Medi Mingle
  • Dwell Quest
  • Prime Palisade
  • Helping Hand Estate
  • App Guru

Carefully crafted names such as these not only convey expertise but also evoke trust and professionalism in their respective fields, setting the stage for reliable and specialized outsourcing solutions.

Although including the industry name is not mandatory, it significantly aids in immediate recognition of the industry and the services offered.

Pick the perfect BPO business name with GoDaddy! 

Hopefully these suggestions help you pick out the perfect name for your BPO. But if you are in need of further inspiration, GoDaddy’s domain search and AI Domain search feature should give you more options to choose from. Some more business name suggestions can also be found here.

Playing around with domain extensions can also open up more name options for you. For instance apart from .com and .in domain extensions, you can use .biz or .co. You can also use unique domain extensions to make your business stand out, for instance, you can use ViralFactory.Club if your business name is Viral Factory Club. Exploring different domain extensions can provide you with additional name options and help your business stand out.

Regardless of what business name you choose, when you buy a domain name for that business from GoDaddy, you will receive 24X7 support around the world. GoDaddy's comprehensive support and brokerage services, will assist your every need every step of the way, ensuring a smooth domain acquisition process.

Curious about the domain search feature? Try it now!

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