Be a player in Asia’s new free trade zone with a .ASIA web address

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Maxym Martineau

It’s no secret that Asia is Earth’s largest and most populated continent. With more than 4.4 billion people, Asia boasts one of the planet’s highest growth rates and houses about 60 percent of the world’s current population. And, with both China and India ranking in the top three for the most Internet users in the world, Asia is home to hordes of savvy browsers looking for the Next Big Thing online.

You can capture the interest of that massive web audience with a website address that ends with the .ASIA domain extension.

As long as one of your domain name contacts (registrant, administrative, technical or billing) resides in the Asia-Pacific region, you can register a .ASIA domain name that instantly will give your business global recognition and regional significance. There’s a huge market out there for Asian small business owners, and with a website address ending in .ASIA, creating a strong online presence has never been easier.

Show your affiliation with Asia

With .ASIA attached to your website, any online user can immediately identify you as an Asian-based business, with insight on Asian culture, foods, trends and so much more. Your visitors won’t even have to check Google Maps to know where you’re located, and branding your business with a geographic location creates an identity that is entirely unique to you.

William Ng, found of Malaysia-based SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine, firmly believes in the power of the .ASIA domain name. He recognized that with his country-specific web address, his company wasn’t receiving the traffic it needed. So, he jumped on the opportunity to register a .ASIA. He says:

“We had plans from the beginning to move the magazine and our business beyond the shores of Malaysia. With our expansion into Singapore and Indonesia, we realised that we could be setting ourselves up for unnecessary administration and tedium if we had to open and manage an internet domain each time we went somewhere new. The .ASIA domain removed this headache and provided us with a long-term home for the title. It also better reflected our desire to be an Asian brand rather than tied to any particular territory. … When we moved to the .ASIA address, we saw a change in our audience straight away. We now have people visiting us from across the region — from India, China, Indonesia, the Philippines and so on.”


Remember that website address

Have you ever come across a website address filled with special characters? Or how about a domain name that is so long you had to check it three times just to make sure you spelled it correctly? Those are problems you don’t want to run into. If your web presence includes a domain name that is too difficult to remember, you’re losing business. Unlike the highly competitive .COM market, it’s much easier to secure a shorter, top-of-mind domain name with the .ASIA extension.


Just ask Men’s Uno, a men’s lifestyle company with a presence in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Malaysia. The business’s succinct mensuno.ASIA website address makes it easy for fans to keep coming back to the site. The same goes for, an online service that helps investors track startups in Asia. The possibilities are endless!

Free trade zone


Need another reason to consider a website address ending in .ASIA? Three words: Free trade zone. The region is now even more integrated with the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), an EU-style single market and production base in Southeast Asia. This translates to a fully integrated single market, with a combined population of more than 600 million in the ASEAN countries —Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia — and total annual trade exceeding $1.4 trillion.

A web address ending in the .ASIA domain extension will perfectly embody this dynamic community, turning your website into an Asia-friendly name. And that makes a difference in Asia, where relationships means business. According to Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia:

"The AEC is about an integrated marketplace in Asia.  The free flow of goods and capital will mean more opportunity, greater rewards as well as increased competition.  Winners in this new landscape will be businesses that think beyond local borders.  A .Asia domain gives you the edge with an Asia-friendly online presence that connects with the entire region.”

It’s all about that brand

Even if you already have a website ending in .COM, .NET, .ORG or any other domain extension, consider adding a .ASIA that redirects to your main site. This can give your business greater visibility, traffic, and ultimately more customers. Most major businesses will buy several variations of their domain names to cover their brand bases. Think of it like this: if you own a domain, your competition doesn’t. Don’t let your competitors benefit from your hard work.

Ready to select the perfect .ASIA domain name for your business? Let’s go!