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Vipin Labroo

Indian web developers have a formidable reputation the world over. So it is hardly surprising that web development is a very popular career choice with young people in India. While a large number of them find gainful employment in technology firms, a very substantial number set themselves up as independent web developers. Majority of such professionals necessitates the use of digital marketing tools to obtain a steady flow of business leads.

It is not enough that you have a good product or provide outstanding service.

You need to be able to promote the fact, so as to have a sufficiently large number of business prospects flowing in at all times.

Apart from development work, successful web developers have to have a workable marketing plan as well.

Here is a lowdown of some highly effective marketing tools that web developers can use to create a healthy pipeline of leads.

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5 marketing tools every web developer should use

As a web developer, your choice of digital marketing tools makes all the difference in how quickly your business grows. Here are the five good ones.

  1. Google Analytics.
  2. Hootsuite.
  3. Email marketing software.
  4. HubSpot.
  5. Kissmetrics.

Successful web developers use the following tools to attract a steady flow of new clients.

1. Google Analytics

The key to the success of any business is a firm understanding of one’s target audience. If you goof up on that one, all the time, money and effort you put into your outreach will amount to nothing.

The best tool for understanding potential clients is Google Analytics.

It provides you with everything you need to know about prospective clients. With Google Analytics’ tremendous tracking ability, you can learn:

  • How people find and use your website, in order to make changes that will attract more of them.
  • The effectiveness of any advertising, social, PR or other digital promotion.

You will know precisely how your website landing pages and advertising efforts are being received and whether you need to change them in any way.

2. Hootsuite

Digital Marketing Tools Hootsuite
Schedule multiple social posts to appear on various networks with Hootsuite.

Since web developers operate in the digital space, it makes sense for them to leverage the tremendous reach of social media to find new prospects. But who has the time to be constantly watching all of them?

Hootsuite lets you keep an eye on 35 leading social media networks via a single dashboard.

What's more, Hootsuite has a 60-day free trial. Any web developer who is looking to leverage social media in a major way would do well by incorporating Hootsuite into their digital marketing strategy. It will help put their message in front of their target audience 24x7.

3. Email marketing software

Even though many digital marketers swear by social outreach, they also use email marketing because it costs so little compared to other advertising channels. Tools like GoDaddy Email Marketing makes this type of promotion easy for anyone.

Email marketing delivers maximum return on investment (ROI) for every rupee spent.

Not only can you promote your services via email, but you can also carry out vital research by sending out surveys. You can even mail specific messages to small groups, automate your email sequence and track responses.

Note: All emails created with GoDaddy Email Marketing look and work great on mobile phones.

4. HubSpot

Digital Marketing Tools HubSpot
HubSpot brings several tools together in one place.

This is a powerful digital marketing tool for both fledgling and established web developers. HubSpot lets you create content, manage your social media accounts and facilitates email marketing. The focus here is on creating a comprehensive lead generation funnel for your business.

Once set up, a lead generation funnel works to bring in new clients continuously.

What's more, HubSpot provides great analytics and helps you fully automate the marketing process. As a matter of fact, it takes care of the whole digital marketing process — from driving traffic to the website to closing the sale. For the busy developer, this sure is one useful tool.

5. Kissmetrics

The KISSmetrics tool turns data insight into more targeted communications for better engagement and more clients.

KISSmetrics helps you gauge how well your digital marketing efforts are working across all your mobile campaigns.

Though it isn’t inexpensive, it will give you all the information you need to make your digital marketing campaign deliver optimal ROI.

Digital marketing tools that really work

While there is a high demand for the services of web developers, one does need to make a concerted effort to attract customers. The best way for small businesses to obtain a competitive edge is with the help of a few highly effective digital marketing tools.

Digital Marketing Tools Programmer Working at Terminal
It’s not enough to be a skilled programmer. You must tell people about your services.

For web developers to attract enough traffic to their websites to grow their businesses in a substantial manner, they must use tools such as these:

  • Google Analytics to gain a definitive understanding of one’s target market.
  • Hootsuite for an easy way to stay on top of social media outreach.
  • GoDaddy Email Marketing to send automated messages clients look forward to.
  • HubSpot for a one-stop shop solution to your entire digital marketing needs.
  • Kissmetrics to track, analyse and evaluate all your web and mobile campaigns.

We are in the midst of a veritable eCommerce revolution, making web developers’ skills highly valued. The best way for web developers to tap into this demand is by deploying the proven digital marketing tools mentioned above.

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