The London domain: Connecting the dot with London

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Selina Bieber

L-Town. The Old Smoke. London Town. Call it what you will, London is widely recognised as one of the business capitals of the world. Home to a diverse business landscape, each tiny detail contributes to the city’s popularity and unique character. Whether it’s the history, the melange of people on the street, or the bustling lifestyle, people want to connect and become a part of it.

And I should know, because I’m one of the many people chasing that dream.

So, what’s the London business buzz about?

According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FBS), almost one-fifth of UK small businesses are based in the capital. Fuelling the UK economy and SME locomotive, London boasts the highest business density rate — 1,434 businesses per 10,000 adults. And the city has seen a 36-percent increase in the number of businesses since 2010 — the biggest percentage increase in the country.

Interpreted in another way, these figures represent an opportunity to embrace the city, to set up shop and become part of London’s vibrant business landscape.

Find your .london domain

More than the map

This phenomenon is not confined to the physical borders of the city. Thanks to the Internet, the local population is constantly expanding, with people from all around the world accessing the city online — tuning into its latest innovations, ideas and business trends via a website near you.

The launch of the .london domain extension on Sept. 9, 2014, made it even easier for businesses and individuals to connect themselves to the city they represent. From London’s highest public garden, the Sky Garden, to the international creative agency Publicis, businesses are choosing a .london domain name to put themselves on the map and clearly highlight they are part of the local scene.

London's Sky Garden
London’s captivating Sky Garden is easily identified online with a website address ending in .london.

The best of .london

We celebrated the first anniversary of the new geo-specific, generic top-level domain (gTLD) last year, with the launch of the inaugural Dot London Small Business Awards. These awards celebrate the success of some of the city’s most outstanding new businesses and individuals.

Dot London Awards Sign
Dot London Small Business Awards Photos: Ash Knotek

Open to any business trading since April 2014, across any of London’s 32 boroughs, the awards’ 12 categories cover everything that makes London the city we love. From the best places to eat and drink, to the best beauty and fashion outlets, independent retailers and businesses – the winners recently were crowned and rewarded with their very own .london domain name.

London Domain Awards Filming
Dot London Small Business Awards Photos: Ash Knotek

At GoDaddy, we’re super excited to be getting involved by supporting some of these fresh and most loved London businesses through direct engagement with our four category winners:

Our team will be working with each business to help them strengthen their online brand presence and grow. Our goal is simple: to get London lovers like yourselves in touch with these new small business gems!

To find out more about the Dot London Small Business Awards and see the full list of winners, please visit the Awards’ home page.

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