Small Business SuperHero Comic Book Series: Look mum no hands! #1

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Thomas Costello

The first edition of GoDaddy’s Small Business, Big Heroes comic book series has dropped. It features Look mum no hands! Our fearless daredevils opened a café / bar / bicycle workshop in London back in 2010. Now we’re proud to say they’re online and firing on all cylinders.

Want to get involved and maybe have your own business's story told in comic boook form? Read on to find out how you can do just that.

From Batman and Robin, to Captain America and Bucky Barnes, every superhero needs a sidekick. To be a hero, you don’t need to fly. A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know that the world hadn't ended. At least that’s what Bruce Wayne said.

And the same applies to heroes of the British business universe. This is who they are. Behind each business is an idea. Behind each business is years of work. Of sacrifice. It’s a testament to who the owner is. And, come hell or high water, it’s everything they’ve ever fought for.

It’s their story, GoDaddy helps them tell it online.

#GoDaddyStories - Look Mum No Hands

Look mum no hands! is among the British businesses GoDaddy is celebrating. Empowering everyday entrepreneurs is what we do. The GoDaddy Small Business, Big Heroes comic book series shows how real businesses work with us to help them create an online presence and grow online.

So let’s take a look at Look mum no hands! They are inspiration incarnate for other budding entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into a reality.

Like Clark Kent strolling into a phone booth and emerging as his caped-cladded SuperMan alter-ego, customers can walk into the café / bar / bicycle workshop with a flat tyre and ride out with a flat white.

Founded in 2010, Look mum no hands! stands tall in the saddle, becoming one of the first "cycle cafes".

The shop is home to all types of cyclists and non cyclists. They stop by to sample Look mum no hands! bike-friendly combination of coffee, beer, wholesome grub as well as the well-regarded workshop. And it’s not just the coffee that’s flowing. From Tour de France screenings, art and photography exhibitions, book launches, screenings, to workshops, the business boasts a busy program of events.

In the words of Look mum no hands!, it’s all about “the fun and inclusive nature of cycling, bringing bikes and the love of all types of cycling to the heart of their business”.

The success of Look mum no hands! has been amplified by its strong web and marketing, digitally expanding its message of a rich experience for all customers whether they’re looking for an espresso, a puncture repair, or both!

Want your business to become a comic book?

GoDaddy needs you! Each month, we’ll be releasing an edition of the Small Business, Big Heroes comic book series. Want your business to feature? Know some other mover and shaker who works tirelessly and deserves a treat? Then comment on our Facebook post and let us know why!

Look mum no hands! national television campaign

GoDaddy is celebrating those who dare to go it alone by launching a new national marketing campaign starring successful British entrepreneurs. Just take this year’s campaign which includes prime-time TV adverts. The first business on the screen will be Look mum no hands!

Check out the video here.