The inspirational story behind Clap For Our Carers

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Thomas Costello

At 8pm on Thursday 26th March, the nation came together to #clapforourcarers and show the country’s overwhelming support for the people of the NHS.

In heartwarming scenes, millions of people across the country took to their gardens, balconies, open windows and doorsteps to show their appreciation.

In villages, towns and cities, small and large, NHS staff and key workers across the UK were given a standing ovation. One which is thoroughly deserved.

So, how did this inspirational event come about?

Together whilst apart

Annemarie Plas the woman Clap For Our Carers

Meet GoDaddy customer Annemarie Plas, who came up with the idea after seeing something similar in her home country of The Netherlands.

Having noticed the impact that such an event had on frontline workers, she wanted to do the same in the UK. And not only to boost the morale of healthcare workers, but to bring people together whilst they stay apart in their own homes.

The idea started the week before the event with a simple image shared out to the world via social media, WhatsApp and through her website built with GoDaddy.

As a result, it didn’t take long for the hashtag, #clapforourcarers, to begin trending with people across the country sharing the positive message.

The event quickly gathered momentum, with various celebrities and organisations sharing and showing their support the event quickly became not just the talk of the town, but the country!

“We are behind them.”

Speaking on the importance of the event, Annemarie explained: “The front line is doing their best they can, being exposed to the virus.

“Whilst we are ‘safe’ at home and of course finding that challenging, but it is in no way as hard as what they are doing.

“And I want them to know that we are behind them and feel so grateful of them doing that for us.”

It just goes to show how together, we can do more than we can do alone. And how, through bringing our passions and abilities together, we can affect real change.

Annmarie’s inspirational story epitomises what we’re all about at GoDaddy. Speaking on the event Irana Wasti, president of GoDaddy EMEA, said: “This is such a great idea and it’s brilliant to see so many people getting behind Annemarie’s campaign.

"GoDaddy are proud to help Annemarie with her website, enabling the message to go far and wide.

“GoDaddy has set up a dedicated micro-site Open We Stand to support small businesses and entrepreneurs, with a library of resources and a newly-formed community to help bring people together in these unprecedented times."

Open We Stand

#OpenWeStand is for anyone who is keeping the economic health of small business top of mind in this challenging time.

It’s for shop owners minding their customers’ and employees’ safety — and for everyone who stands with small business.

Our website has resources, inspiration and connection to other everyday entrepreneurs with creative solutions to keep their business open, even if their doors are temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

Find out all about how GoDaddy is supporting businesses during COVID-19 and #OpenWeStand here.

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