Advice for micro-businesses on World Entrepreneurs’ Day

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Thomas Costello

Your passion is what you were born to do. Now’s the time to pursue it. That’s what we believe at GoDaddy. You shouldn’t have to march to the beat of someone else's drum. You should be free to make it a way of life, not work.

There are millions of movers and shakers in the UK, and GoDaddy empowers them to upload their dreams to the online space.

Nobody said it was easy... but it’s not nobody who’s doing it, it’s you. And, sure, running a micro-business isn’t easy. There’s the work. Then there’s the business. Forget Dolly Parton: there’s no working 9-5 here. But nothing good comes easy. And, if you love it, it’s never really work.

So it is that we want to celebrate those who have the courage to make their own way and inspire others to follow their dreams. That’s why we’ve put together some essential advice for microbusiness owners to celebrate World Entrepreneurs' Day.

Let’s start with a word from our very own Irana Wasti...

Irana Wasti, Senior VP, EMEA, GoDaddy

Irana Wasti

A website design should reflect your business’ ethos

“There are currently 5.4 million micro-businesses in the UK, and around 2 million of these business do not have a website. Getting online is crucial to ensuring micro-businesses can survive and thrive in today’s competitive economy. Without the benefit of a large team, these smaller businesses are most in need of having an online presence.

“It’s, therefore, important to have a website design which reflects your businesses’ ethos and style. Creating an online brand identity is essential for today’s new businesses, as it’s more important than ever to be able to stand out in what is becoming a crowded space.”

Jack Parsons, CEO of the Big Youth Group

Never be deterred by bad grades or a bare CV

“I know first-hand what it feels like to be failed by the education system, and to feel like career paths have been closed off. I’m therefore passionate about encouraging young people to take the plunge and start their own business.

My main advice is not to be deterred by bad grades or a bare CV. I was one of these people, and I’m now the founder of a successful three year old business.”

Oliver Slacke, Co-founder of Swole Panda

Oliver Slacke, Co-founder of Swole Panda

People will take you more seriously if you have a branded digital presence and email

“My main advice to those just starting out is never turn down an opportunity. It’s sometimes the opportunities which seem the most far-fetched that can reap the largest rewards.

“Next, when partnering with a supplier, make sure you choose one who is willing to support you from the very beginning, but can grow alongside your business in the long run.

“Finally, make sure you have a branded digital presence and email address. Not only will you be taken more seriously, but customers who look for you online will actually be able to find you!”

So what’s stopping you?

Feeling inspired? You should be!

Getting online is a great way to promote your business, establish your values and boost your brand identity. Unsure how to build a website? Then check out this guide to getting started.

Maybe you’re already well on the way to forging your own entrepreneurial path. If so, we want to know what advice you’d give to others looking to kick start their business. Get involved on social media and let us know what advice you’d give.