How Duir Soap raised the bar with GoDaddy

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Matthew Pattinson

Artisan soap maker Jane Ward always believed that starting her own business would be over-complicated and overwhelming. But those worries washed away when she took the leap of faith to begin experimenting with handmade soaps in late 2019. Now, entrepreneurship comes as naturally as the ingredients she uses in her craft.

A new business taking shape

As well as formulating her very own recipes, testing meticulously and tweaking where necessary, Jane considered the legal aspects around selling soaps to be “a massive mountain to climb”. In addition, this soaper knew all too well that she would need an online presence to begin sharing her creations - something she’d had no luck with previously. But this time around, she has conquered the journey and is enjoying the view.

“GoDaddy was recommended by a friend who already had their own website. I had struggled in the past with other platforms and so a friend’s recommendation gave me confidence to try. I thought I will give it a go, and if it looks too complex or hard then I have not lost anything. Actually, it was very easy, and I made something that looks elegant and sleek…. I am very pleased with my website.”

Helping to mould her entrepreneurial vision into a reality, GoDaddy became the perfect ingredient for taking the artisan business online. The Duir Soap founder explains that the website building tools were “immensely easy” and the reason the brand’s digital presence exists today. An “easy-to-read format” and accessible, “uncomplicated language” are elements that helped Jane to craft a clean-looking website.

“It was an easy step-by-step process which, in no time at all, resulted in an elegant, classy website with an app that really works well."

"I have a shop within my website and inputting products is very simple, even when I want to include variations on wrapping, personalisation of text and different colours…. It’s very easy to include social media connections to spread the news too.”

Artisan soap maker Duir Soap took their business online with the help of GoDaddy

The scent of success

The most valuable lesson Jane has learnt since starting her business is to not give up at the first hurdle. She truly believes that “If it was easy, then it wouldn’t be worth doing.” Patience and perseverance are two essential components that have helped her on her business venture so far.

“If it’s something you believe in, then make it happen. It won’t be overnight and, in the beginning, it may seem too much. Little steps mean stronger foundations are laid.”

Jane urges new business owners to expect not to be showered in success instantly, but embrace the process. Both discovering a sale on her website, and hearing that customers have enjoyed her handcrafted products and will be returning for more, are the things that make it all worth the while. The artisan soap maker also gives a nod to networking, mentioning the community of soapers online that she is keen to continue supporting and growing.

“I have not yet discovered anything that GoDaddy does not already provide in some shape or form. But I had to search in the small print, at the very bottom, to see that there is a community space for everyone. I really think this should have a much bigger spot on the front pages.”

You can find Jane’s business on Facebook, Instagram or shop online via the Duir Soap website.

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