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Matthew Pattinson

When Events Manager and mum of two, Elizabeth Wickes read Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever, she was inspired to introduce professional organising tips and tricks into her home.

Five years and countless books, articles, TV programmes and YouTube videos later, she now runs a business as effectively as she runs her home.

Making space for a new business venture

Elizabeth had been considering setting up her own business for years but it was, surprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic that spurred her to get started. Instead of encouraging her to throw in the towel on her business dreams, the uncertain time only cleared up her vision.

"I have always wanted to be my own boss and I recognised that I needed to take that leap of faith." - Elizabeth Wickes, The Life Organiser.

“I was inspired after the first lockdown, seeing on TV and reading about the creativity and drive of other entrepreneurs who took back control of their own lives during such an unprecedented period of time. I have always wanted to be my own boss and I recognised that I needed to take that leap of faith. I was confident that I could help others in decluttering and organising their lives, homes and office space.”

With a decade-long career in Office and Events Management, along with a passion for professional organising, Elizabeth knew she had the skills to get started on The Life Organiser. She prides herself not only on being organised, but being tenacious - a quality that has helped her on her business journey.

“Starting a new business is overwhelming! There are so many things that need to be considered and also completed, from registering your business with HMRC, deciding on your business name, checking trademarks, branding, creating a website, further training, business insurance, even to deciding on a launch day, etc. It all takes a considerable amount of time and financial investment.

“I use an action list that I tick off daily. I schedule everything directly into my iPhone calendar – so it is there as a daily reminder, plus it is synched to all my devices. I want my business to be a success and I think that my tenacity (plus the unwavering support of my husband) has really helped.”

Elizabeth Wickes Of The Life Organiser

Getting organised online

When choosing a web host and email provider, Elizabeth immediately knew who to go with. She explains how GoDaddy has helped her to banish the business clutter and stay on track:

“As GoDaddy had an Email & Office package in place, I took advantage of it. I didn’t even consider using any other organisation – that’s how impressive and effective GoDaddy’s marketing is! It also helped that GoDaddy’s website was easy and straightforward to use.

“For me, they’re a world leader in website hosting and design. I even broke my ‘three quotes rule’ and simply selected them. As GoDaddy advertises, “Fast, secure and always online!” I've never had an issue with my website load times or the uptime for my website.”

​​With a clear idea of how she wanted the website to look, along with ensuring it was user-friendly, Elizabeth selected GoDaddy’s Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel package. She used GoDaddy’s 24/7 Expert Support numerous times, which she describes as “invaluable” and “faultless”.

“Every Guide has been professional, courteous, reassuring and, most importantly, patient with me! I called and spoke to a GoDaddy Guide and was impressed that even though it was a late evening call, around 8:30pm, a GoDaddy Guide was on automatic hand and talked me through the process.”

As well as the GoDaddy Guides, Elizabeth made use of the free webinars and access to experts in the fields of business and marketing. Here’s what she had to say on GoDaddy’s Back to Business Masterclass 2: Promoting your business online for next to nothing:

“I attended a brilliant GoDaddy webinar, submitting a question to the GoDaddy Website Marketing Expert, Luis, about how to advertise my business more effectively. His advice was to create a blog offering free tips and advice, to drive traffic to my website and use Google Ads as a paid advertising tool. I have taken on Luis’s advice and I’ve since seen an increase in prospective client queries and, more importantly, paying clients!”

Simple lessons along the way

The most valuable lesson that this life organiser has learned is to always prepare. She truly believes preparation helps in tidying up any loose ends in business.

“Preparation is key. I know its cliché, but it really is. Writing a list of actions and putting together a business plan is hugely important. Doing both keeps you focussed and on track. Having attended a number of webinars on marketing, the key factors they all address is what is your USP, who is your customer, etc. By doing your market research, checking out your competitors and putting it into your business plan, you will save time and money in the long term.”

Taking the time to write a business plan has been hugely important, helping Elizabeth to focus on the practical elements of her business and its objectives, her market and the competition. Obstacles have come in the form of setting up a social media presence, as someone who doesn’t use it at all, and promoting her business online - something she believes is tricky for start-ups.

She discusses how it’s easy to become impatient to meet prospective clients, gain a positive reputation and meet financial commitments, but the simple things make it all worth the while - such as being her own boss and receiving uplifting messages from clients.

“I love the feeling when I have worked with a client and finished a session with them. Seeing the transformation in their home and, more importantly, how happy they are with me and my service is such an incredibly uplifting feeling of pride and a sense of accomplishment on a job well done.

“In my personal experience, it has been worth it! I’m really proud of my website and my clients have all commented on how professional and smart it looks.”

You can find The Life Organiser on Facebook, Instagram or via the website.

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