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Available PHP versions and extensions for Managed WooCommerce Stores

With each new version of PHP, comes additional enhancements. For best performance, we recommend always using the highest available version of PHP, provided your site's code supports it.

In this article, you'll find more information about the PHP versions available to you, as well as any PHP extensions that your site can utilize.

Available PHP versions

Currently, Managed WooCommerce Stores supports the following PHP versions:

  • 7.4
  • 8.0

Available PHP extensions

The following PHP extensions are available to all sites:

  • bcmath
  • bz2
  • calendar
  • exif
  • gd
  • gettext
  • gmp
  • iconv
  • igbinary
  • imagick
  • intl
  • msgpack
  • mysqli
  • opcache
  • pdo_mysql
  • redis
  • shmop
  • soap
  • sockets
  • tidy
  • xsl
  • zip

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