GoDaddy Help

Get started with the Poynt Smart Terminal

Once you’ve set up GoDaddy Payments, use the Poynt Smart Terminal to easily process in-person orders and payments. Create and process orders, sync with your online catalog, add additional users, view your transaction and payout history, and strengthen your brand with customized receipts and screens. You can even hook up additional accessories, like a printer or a cash drawer.

This series walks you through the critical steps to set it up, test it out — and get ready to process orders! For more details about your new Smart Terminal, check out our end-to-end Smart Terminal onboarding guide.

Required: Before you get started, you’ll need to:

1: Charge the Poynt Smart Terminal

Once you have your Poynt Smart Terminal, plug it in, charge it up and turn it on!

2: Set up the Poynt Smart Terminal

Go through the first-time setup and activation process.

3: Complete a test transaction with the Poynt Smart Terminal

Process and refund a test transaction with your Poynt Smart Terminal.

4: Learn more about using the Poynt Smart Terminal

You’re up and running! Learn how to create a product catalog, add additional users, connect accessories, and explore some of the other features you’ve got access to.