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Google Channel policy requirements

To participate in Shopping ads or Free listings when using Google Channel, every merchant needs to follow Google’s Merchant Center guidelines to avoid an account suspension.

While some of these guidelines are taken care of for you through the partnership between Google and your GoDaddy site, you must make sure you’ve fulfilled these requirements on your site.

Explain your return and refund policy

To participate in Shopping ads or Free listings when using Google Channel, you must have refund and return policies, and they must be accurate and easy to find on your website.

Even if you don't offer returns or refunds, you must state your policy explicitly. It can be its own page, or it can be included under your terms and conditions page.

If Google’s review team can’t find your policies, your account may be suspended.

Make sure you explain the following:

  • Policies (mandatory): Explain how you handle returns and refunds, including what the customer is required to do, the time frame and circumstances in which you accept returns, and when a customer can expect a refund.
  • Return addresses (mandatory): Include where the return should be mailed.
  • Rules (recommended): Share any rules for refunds and returns.

Provide contact information

Customers need to be able to find out at least one way to contact you on your website. Your contact information must be visible and accurately displayed on your website.

Some ways customers can get in touch with you include but aren’t limited to:

  • A contact us form.
  • A link to a social media business profile.
  • An email address.
  • A phone number.
  • Physical company address.

Consider adding your contact info to your website footer in addition to your Contact Us form to make it easy for customers to find.

Satisfy other website requirements

Google sets some website requirements to make sure your online store connects properly and your customers have a good experience.

  • Publish your website with a valid domain (a verified and claimed URL).
  • Check that your website doesn’t have any broken links.
  • Provide clear billing terms and conditions on your website, such as Terms of Service page, that stand out and are easy to see.
  • Use a secure checkout process, such as GoDaddy Payments, PayPal, Stripe or Square.
  • Make sure your accepted payment methods are visible on your website.
  • Don’t misrepresent yourself or your products. Learn more about misrepresentation violations and how to resolve them.

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