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Import contacts into GoDaddy Conversations

As you set up GoDaddy Conversations, import your business contacts from your device so that you can reach out to them with the Conversations app. To help separate your business and personal lives, GoDaddy Conversations will create a separate contact list for your business.

Note: For now, this feature is only available on the GoDaddy Conversations iOS app, but will be available on Android in the next few months.
  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy Conversations mobile app.
  2. Follow any setup prompts after signing in.
  3. After you've connected to the different channels, tap Continue to complete the setup.
  4. Tap Contacts at the bottom of the page.
    Tap Text button
  5. Tap Choose contacts.
  6. Tap OK on the access prompt.
  7. Select the contacts you want to import.
  8. Note: You can select all the contacts on your phone, but this will import personal contacts as well as business contacts.

  9. Tap Import.
  10. Once the screen refreshes, your selected contacts appear in the Contacts list.

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